Suraasa Launches Internationally-renowned Professional Qualifications for Teachers’ Career Growth in India

New Delhi: Suraasa, UAE’s leading teacher growth-focused EdTech & JobTech platform, is now foraying into India to help the Indian teachers get much-deserved recognition & career growth. Suraasa-trained teachers have been bagging permanent jobs in international schools, fast promotions, and salary hikes, all while winning the respect of 21st-century school children in Dubai, even during the pandemic. Principals from leading schools reported increased school ratings, classroom efficiency, and staff satisfaction after their teachers enrolled with Suraasa. A Suraasa teacher quoted, “an eye-opening course, now my (school) children tell me, ‘I am their rock star”,

The name ‘Suraasa’ is derived from Goddess Saraswati’s name, the goddess of learning and creativity. Staying true to its meaning, Suraasa offers support to teachers who are passionate about improving students’ learning creatively and are motivated to grow their careers. The EdTech platform hosts a range of UK-accredited Teacher Training Qualifications, equivalent to standard academic programs (Bachelors in Education, Masters in Education, and Diploma in Education) in terms of job eligibility. These 10-month part-time programs enable educationists at all levels, from teachers to principals, to enjoy teaching 21st-century students, reduce stress in managing any classroom or administrative situation, and achieve growth with promotions.

To begin with, Suraasa is bringing to India its Professional Qualifications for Assistant Teachers, Teachers, Teacher Coordinators, and Principals. Being recognized by the UK OFQUAL and KHDA Dubai, a qualified graduate becomes a highly sought-after teacher by top schools in India and abroad. Suraasa’s Jobs platform will host jobs from several premia high-paying schools where Suraasa-trained teachers will get apprenticeship and work opportunities.

Suraasa aims to position India’s 90 Lakh school teachers as the world’s leading educationists of tomorrow. To achieve this, first, the teaching career must appeal to the existing and new teachers as a financially viable and progressive career path. Second, teachers must thoroughly understand the learning needs of 21st-century schoolchildren, who are digitally-savvy, inundated with information, and easily distracted. Prioritizing both these asks, the founders leveraged their 10-year experience within Indian Education System to build Suraasa.

Suraasa’s parent company, Les Transformations Learning Private Limited, has trained 100,000+ teachers from 1,500 schools across 21 states in India before launching Suraasa. Based in Gurugram, Haryana, Les Transformations has been recognized as India’s best teacher training company at Indian Education Congress in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Founder and CEO Rishabh Khanna, an expert on teacher competency frameworks of leading nations worldwide, stated, “Our redesigned teacher education and technology has positively impacted teachers, schools & children. That’s why Schools & Education boards abroad have placed their trust in us. Coming to India, we laud National Educational Policy 2020’s mandate in upgrading teacher education standards in India, and our programs are ready to support it.”

Ankit Khanna, Founder and CTO, shared, “Mentoring the one who shapes our future is an important responsibility, and everyone at Suraasa takes it very seriously. Over the past ten years, we researched extensively to identify the fundamental building blocks of teacher education, including integrating the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence for better outcomes.”

Suraasa’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sahil Makker, states, “Teachers selflessly wait up to 20-years for a single promotion. As a tribute, we created this EdTech & JobTech platform to standardize teachers’ career trajectory, just like in corporate careers. Our team is working hard to unveil a mentorship system to help teachers plan & achieve their career growth.”

Suraasa qualifications are available online for teachers across India on the Suraasa website, iOS & Android apps. Teachers and aspiring teachers can initiate admission & scholarship applications online.