Survey conducted on over 1200 students pan-India explores the interesting relationship between a child and the holidays


Delhi: As sessional examinations in schools all across the country come to a close and with the festive season underway, Brainly, world’s largest peer-to-peer learning community, conducted a survey on its Indian user-base to observe how students plan to spend their festive vacations. Witnessing participation of over 1200 students, largely from across Tier-II and Tier-III cities of the country, the report drew insights on and recorded the mixed responses that these young minds have when it comes to the upcoming holidays.

A major share of 37.2% of the students responded that they will be proactively utilizing their Diwali vacations to prepare themselves for the upcoming semesters, whereas over 25% of students noted that will be celebrating with their families and more than 22.5% will be traveling with them. Further, over 53.9% of students stated how they may be keen on doing activities that involve research on different topics that are beyond their curriculum during this time. Over 70.9% of them said they will be completing the homework assignments that were given to them by the teachers, right before the vacation began.

Interestingly, students are also looking to hone their skills and capabilities during these vacations. Be it learning a new language, engaging in sports-driven skills, and practising arts, crafts, and cooking. And amidst all these, over 55.7% of students believe that their parents will be helping them prepare for the upcoming semester, and encouraging them to adopt more effective learning practices. These figures indicate how while every student seems to have different plans regarding this short vacation spell, learning-related concerns and measures still come as a priority for a majority of them.

Sharing an insight behind this survey, Michał Borkowski, CEO, Brainly remarked, “India is renowned for the various festivities that have historically been commemorating its diverse culture. With festivals like Diwali around the corner, everyone is geared up with plans about how to spend these few days of vacations. This holds true for young minds as well, as they get to not just enjoy but also invest their time and energy in shaping their skills and abilities, and enhancing their knowledge. Through our research, we attempt to understand students’ expectations and plans that they have made. We identified significant similarities and patterns. We always aim at leveraging these insights to deliver better value through Brainly and reiterate on the cause of making learning a collaborative, engaging, and fun pursuit.”

Essentially, through its unique peer-to-peer approach towards learning, Brainly serves the role of an additional coach for students all over the world in addressing their academic doubts and facilitating a deeper understanding of a topic or a subject. Equipping its vast network of students with a flexible and all-encompassing learning experience, this global leader in online education has steadily been rising as the most-preferred channel for alternate academic learning among students, parents, teachers, and experts across India.