SVP India impacted 217,000 sustainable livelihoods in six years across India


New Delhi: Social Venture Partners India has used a unique Venture Philanthropy model to successfully ramp up job creation and livelihood enhancement in the country. As of March 2018, SVP India’s 43 skills and livelihood partners have impacted 217,000 farmers, nursing assistants and various other job seekers from underprivileged segments. SVP India is committed to scale this to one million sustainable livelihoods in India by 2022 .

SVP India is a high impact organisation because of the support of industrialists, CEOs and skills veterans . Founded by Ravi Venkatesan, former Chairman of Cummins and Microsoft in India and now led by Dr Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman of 5F World and former CEO of APTECH and Zensar. SVP India chapter Chairs include Meher Pudumjee, Govind Iyer , Rajeev Bakshi , Ajit Rangnekar and the management council has Arun Maira and Ronald de Voot as Advisors.

SVP India has deployed three methods of engagement – direct local action, aggregation and national expansion, assistance and attribution of successful local models. While discussing the mission, Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman SVP India and a member of the global board of SVP International said, “We do not just do cheque book philanthropy, we are venture philanthropists who bring decades of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship experience to the social sector through the active engagement of partners”.

SVP India provides employment opportunities through a combination of approaches, which include support for NGOs, aggregators and social enterprises. It aims to enable the society through grants, capacity building, networks, building agency and aspiration in youth and integrating skills providers in the organized economic sector— through the power of research and knowledge of the engaged donors and partners.

Notably, SVP India explores extensive engagements with NGOs and social enterprises who can make a difference and contribute to the Million Jobs Mission. It allows partnership amongst those who are keen to bring about positive change, thereby joining hands for a common cause. Tata Trust, Rockefeller Foundation, the Pune Municipal Corporation, Titan Industries and many individual philanthropists like Baba Kalyani and Rahul Bajaj have supported SVP India or its partner entities like Pan IIT Reach for India (PARFI) and the Pune City Skills Lighthouses.

SVP India is a part of SVP International which is a global network of engaged donors, with over 40 SVP affiliates in nine countries and 3,200 partners. Following the GLOCAL approach, each SVP affiliate invests in their local community and remains connected to the global movement woven together by the initiatives of SVP International.

SVP India is planning to expand all India in 2019 and is commencing an applications drive for worthy NGOs, Chapter Chairs and partners in all State Capitals from September