Swachhta Pakhwada Observed in Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

Swachhta Pakhwada was observed with enthusiasm and active participation of the officers and staff of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology from 1st to 15th of February, 2018. A day-wise Action Plan, consisting of, both, motivational and physical activities, was prepared for implementation by MeitY/Its Offices. One of the major points of the Action Plan of MeitY was ‘e-Waste Management’ involving the community at large. Secretary, MeitY reviewed the preparedness before the start of Swachhta Pakhwada on 31.01.2018 with the heads of Organisations under MeitY through meeting/Video Conferencing.

At the inception, Secretary, MeitY administered Swachhta Pledge to all the officers and staff on 01.02.2018 and delivered an Inaugural Message emphasizing our commitment towards a clean work place and its surroundings to realize the dream of a clean and green India. Nukkad Natak on ’e-Waste and Swachhta’ was held on this occasion by the employees of MeitY/Its Offices to create awareness among the officers and visitors on the importance of Swachhta and safe disposal e-waste.

The officers/staff of MeitY and Its Offices housed in E.N. Building attributed their time for ‘Shramdan’ at DAVP Road (from E.N. Building to Pragati Vihar Hostel) on 03.02.2018 contributing towards the cause of clean and green surroundings.

Messages/Slogans on cleanliness and hygiene and safe disposal of ‘e-waste’ were widely publicized/displayed, physically and electronically and through the website of Meity/Its Offices.

A Poster/Slogan Competition on ‘e-Waste’ was organized by MeitY (NeGD) on 07.02.2018. NeGD held Painting/Slogan Competition by students from nearby schools in Electronic Niketan on 07.02.2018.

A National Workshop on ‘e-Waste Management’ was organized on 08.02.2018 by MeitY (C-MET and C-DAC) at Hyderabad to disseminate information on the technologies/equipment that have been developed on e-Waste Management and create awareness among the public/consumers/entrepreneurs, formal/informal sector for affordable, safe and proper extraction of valuable things, emission, recycling, safe disposal etc. Lectures on e-Waste Management and swachhta awareness were also delivered by the organizations across their field offices to leverage information to students and employees.

A Lecture reg. “Solid and Liquid Management and Importance and Necessity of General Cleanliness” was organized on 09.02.2018 for Housekeeping and Canteen staff and officials of MeitY, to inculcate good sanitation and hygiene practices/habits. A Cyclothon to spread awareness among masses on Swachhta was undertaken by NIELIT on 09.02.2018. General cleaning activities were intensified by Meity/Its Organisations widely, also laying emphasis on weeding out of old/unused files/registers and disposal of unused items/equipments.

Two nos. “Divyangjan” toilets were also got constructed in E.N. Building and inaugurated by a Divyangjan employee of MeitY in presence of the senior officers on 15.02.2018 for the convenience of Divyangjan employees.

Pakhwada activities were widely publicized through electronic and social media like MyGov, Twitter, Facebook etc. and also uploaded the same on the website of the M/o DWS.