Swasthya Nidhi Health survey in full swing, covers over 4 lakh persons in Udhampur

Udhampur: “Swasthya Nidhi” health survey is going on in full swing in district Udhampur.
District Development Commissioner, Dr. Piyush singla said that the aim of the survey is to conduct the health audit of each and every person to identify potential COVID-19 cases in the whole district.
DDC had instructed the teams’ members during their training session to capture complete and accurate information for monitoring and keeping surveillance on real time basis.
DDC informed that total 566 teams comprising of BLO, AWW and ASHA workers named as Booth Level Awareness Groups (BAG) were constituted to perform door to door health audit of all the persons of the District. In the survey they are capturing the information like travel history as well as health status, specifically prominent symptoms of COVID-19 from the individuals. These teams are conducting door to door survey in their respective polling booths and simultaneously uploading data on Swasthya Nidhi app, DDC added.
He further informed that in the survey data of around 85060 households and 424524 persons have been captured in the district so far which would be uploaded within stipulated time frame. These teams are also sensitizing the people about the installation and use of Arogya setu app, use of masks and other precautionary measures to be taken to contain spread of the COVID-19.
Medical Supervisory Teams (MST) headed by Medical officers have been analyzing the data uploaded and scrutinizing patients having some symptoms and taking the appropriate patient care as per COVID-19 SoP.