Switzerland commits to the protection of underwater cultural heritage

The Federal Office of Culture of the Swiss Confederation has decided to support UNESCO to protect underwater cultural heritage by making a voluntary financial contribution of 45,000 Swiss francs (USD 51,195).

This contribution will contribute to the Fund of the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage to support States Parties to the Convention in their efforts to identify, protect and manage underwater cultural heritage and to combat its commercial exploitation.

“The decision of the Swiss Confederation to support the 2001 Convention is timely as we prepare to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Convention,” said UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Culture, Ernesto Ottone R. “It is a clear signal of the importance of the Convention, and I hope that the other 65 States Parties will follow Switzerland’s example.

The Swiss Confederation is the first State Party to the Convention to make a financial contribution to the Fund. It ratified the Convention in 2019.