T-Hub Completes Five Years of Building an Innovation Ecosystem, Impacting 1100+ Startups and 430+ Corporations

New Delhi: T-Hub, which leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, is celebrating its fifth anniversary today. Since 2015, it has helped contribute immensely to the Indian innovation ecosystem by institutionalizing innovation programs for startups, corporations, and more, and building a global innovation hub. T-Hub has designed and delivered 75+ innovation programs in the last 5 years, enabling startups to go-to-market, get customers, raise funds and empower corporations to build a culture of innovation and create impact.

Jayesh Ranjan principal secretary, IT & Industries, Telangana, said, “A sizeable percentage of this generation is becoming entrepreneurs, and organizations like T-Hub are sowing the seeds early. They are proving to the ecosystem the real potential of starting a business and providing guidance to make it a success. Telangana government appreciates T-Hub for creating a vibrant innovation ecosystem in Telangana which transcends globally.”

Milestones amidst the on-going pandemic:

· The startup innovation team through its flagship program, Lab32, has helped startups like Chitmonks, Drink Prime and Pulse raise funding.

· T-Hub’s corporate innovation program is the country’s leading program that has impacted Indian corporates and MNCs from across the world like Raytheon Technologies, Boeing, and Oppo, among others. T-Hub’s corporate memberships and partnerships have enabled more than 350 startups to collaborate, present Proof of Concept (PoC) work, raise money or get acquired by larger corporates, out of which 100 startups from Hyderabad engaged in such programs.

· T-Hub has forged some strong international connects in the last one year, with the South Korean Government, Japan Investment and Cooperation Agency (JICA) and others, which helped create more than 325 international startup connects.

· T-Hub continues to successfully evaluate partnerships with international and national government bodies, research institutes, ecosystem enablers, such as IIT, IIIT, NALSAR, TiE, CII, NASSCOM, HYSEA, DST, MietY, AIM, Startup India, along with the partners from the Telangana innovation network.

Under Ravi Narayan’s leadership, T-Hub has been executing its vision for enabling and empowering a global innovation ecosystem through a three-pronged strategy of creating impact for startups, corporations and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders in collaboration with Telangana innovation partners and other innovation stakeholders from across the world.

Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub and Chief Innovation Officer, Telangana, said, “Innovation is not just an invention but it is the result of rigorous efforts to make it of market value, followed by numerous collaborations, continuous coaching, and networking in the ecosystem. Due to this robust innovation ecosystem that T-Hub and other enablers in Telangana have built, we have seen a rise in the total number of startups which grew from 400 to 2000 in the span of the last few years in the state. We at T-Hub are happy to reiterate our commitment on the fifth anniversary to constantly strive to evolve, improve, and grow just like our startups and further shape the future of the Indian innovation ecosystem for the world.”

T-Hub’s core strategy includes startup innovation, corporate innovation, and ecosystem innovation.

· Through startup innovation, T-Hub empowers startups to scale up faster and create business value.

· Its corporate innovation elevates innovation for corporations and transforms business models for the better.

· Under ecosystem innovation, T-Hub builds a culture of innovation that keeps its partners ahead.

The latest Startup Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) reflects on T-Hub’s contribution and is a testament of the impact created by it in a short period of time.

The report has a special feature on Telangana, highlighting it’s growing innovation ecosystem and providing it global exposure as a leading Indian tech hub
Telangana’s performance was benchmarked, and Telangana was recognized as the Top 30 Global Ecosystems for Affordable Talent
Hyderabad was recognized in the Top 100 Emerging Ecosystems Ranking, out of 300 ecosystems globally that they evaluated
T-Hub will continue to develop strategic programs to elevate the levels of innovation by effectively engaging stakeholders such as startups, corporates, investors, academia, and the government. It will also keep supporting other ecosystem enablers – TSIC, T-Works, WE HUB, RICH, TASK by sharing knowledge and resources, as and when needed.


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