T-Hub to host recruitment drive for ex-entrepreneurs

Hyderabad: T-Hub, a global startup catalyst that powers entrepreneurship and deal flow, today announced that it will host a recruitment drive for ex-entrepreneurs to re-join the workforce and secure regular employment. Interested candidates from across the country are eligible to apply starting from 10th August until 25th August and the final interviews will be held on 1st September at T-Hub.

Growth-stage startups of T-Hub’s Lab32 program and renowned corporates will interview the ex-entrepreneurs to offer them permanent jobs upon selection.

On the initiative, Jay Krishnan, CEO of T-Hub said, “One of the charms of being a startup founder is falling and picking up the pieces again. In this context, India doesn’t celebrate ‘failed entrepreneurs’ enough. As the leader of an organization, any day, I’d lean towards a risk- taking failed entrepreneur over a seasoned professional, given all other skills being the same. With this culture as context, job opportunities for ex-entrepreneurs will augur well not only for the candidates but will also help our corporate partners and startups to find people with a heady mix of technical and entrepreneurial skills.”

He added, “Those who have dabbled as an entrepreneur are aware of the concerns of a startup, and the founders of Lab32 startups will give them the opportunity to use their experiences and start afresh. While the corporates benefit from acquiring talent that brings knowledge, passion, and a self-driven attitude. We wish to drive similar programs on a regular basis, so the spirit of entrepreneurship is pursued more assertively

It is estimated that 90 percent of start-ups fail due to a lack of mentorship, funding, and innovation. T-Hub, which aims to grow and thrive the startup ecosystem, through the recruitment drive will provide career avenues to entrepreneurs who could not make it big and also enable its startups to scale faster.