T-Hub Launches Global Markets Accelerator Program 2.0 with La Trobe University for Australian Startups

New Delhi: T-Hub, which leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, today launched the Global Markets Accelerator Program 2.0 in partnership with La Trobe University and selected three growth-stage Australian startups MeetMyCoach, Insight Academy and Neutopia. The program is a part of the T-Bridge initiative that aims to help startups scale globally through various programmes, provide access to the emerging Indian market and give exhaustive insights for the global innovation ecosystem.

The launch of second batch, is followed by the successful completion of the first batch of the program with two startups, TBH Pets and Anidra. Both startups had been showcasing remarkable growth after receiving rigorous interventions from advisors, subject matter experts and mentors at T-Hub in the last year.

Highlight of the success of the first batch:

Anidra received support in product-market fit, pricing strategy and GTM for the Indian market, and insights on its product’s technical aspects. This enabled Anidra to earn a couple of investor interests.
TBH Pets was supported in terms of marketing strategy for the Indian market, and it formed strong business links through mentor’s connections. Samples were given to the local partners which helped in forming partnerships with local vendors and pet clinics.
The startups for the second batch were handpicked by T-Hub and La Trobe University experts who evaluated them based on their technology, market demand, problem statement and solution and traction in Australia. T-Hub, through this program, aims to build awareness and interest among Australian tech startups and other ecosystem stakeholders about the huge business opportunities India offers and enable them to seize these opportunities. Also, this partnership opens new opportunities for technology transfer between two geographies. This partnership will stand as leading example of global innovation.

Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub and Chief Innovation Officer, Telangana, said, “India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world, the startups who strategies smartly, and plan for global expansion, ensures to target Indian market as well. That is also because India provides a variety of audience segments and is rapidly adopting digitisation to daily life. We at T-Hub are an effective gateway for international startups to settle their business in India and T-Bridge’s and Global Markets Accelerator Program is a classic example with various startup success stories of the recent past.”

Funded by AusIndustry, La Trobe University’s Global Markets Accelerator Program supports the development and expansion of Australian startups. The three selected startups MeetMyCoach, Insight Academy, and Neutopia will receive the opportunity to deep dive into the Indian market to validate and scale their businesses in two phases. Phase one is a virtual eight-week feasibility study, and the second phase is a six-month acceleration program in T-Hub. Soft landing measures such as mentoring and product analysis to ensure that the product meets the local market needs will be provided to the startups. T-Hub will also offer strong local connections with the customers, corporates, investors, and government representatives.

Dr Cerasela Tanasescu, Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at La Trobe University said, “Following the amazing success of the start-ups who participated in our inaugural round of the global markets, we are delighted and excited to see what our second-round participants will achieve. We wish them every success and look forward to following their progress over the next eight months.”


T-Hub has been taking numerous initiatives for such cross-border partnerships under its T-Bridge initiative to help businesses leverage the unique opportunities that the pandemic has presented. T-Hub offers startups global connections with investors, corporates, the government, and other stakeholders to make their products market ready through world-class mentors and subject matter experts. T-Hub has provided market access to 300+ Indian startups with 18+ international interventions. It has conducted more than 10 market access programs and facilitated 200+ international startups from more than 40 countries. For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3zr0Sml.


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