T-Hub Launches its Academic Membership Initiative ‘T-Tribe’ to Promote Innovation in Indian Academic Institutions

New Delhi: T-Hub, which leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, today announced the launch of its academic membership program ‘T-Tribe’. The initiative will empower and enable early-stage innovation and student entrepreneurship with its two offerings: Launchpad and Master Class. The Launchpad is a one-year entrepreneurship platform that is designed for academic institutions that have incubation or e-cells. Master Class is an entrepreneurship learning and pre-incubation program that is designed for student entrepreneurs who have innovative and feasible startup ideas/solutions. As part of the T-Tribe initiative, T-Hub aims to partner with leading instituions from seven states. In addition, T-Tribe satellite centres will be set up in partnership with these universities. The centres will provide the partner colleges with access to sessions, trainings, workshops and events that will be organised by T-Hub in regular intervals.

Through the Launchpad offering, T-Hub will address the specific challenges faced by student entrepreneurs and colleges that have incubation/e-cells and guide them to get on the fast-track to growth. T-Hub will bring its vast experience and expertise in running various programs and will provide these colleges with the right mentorship and exposure to the domestic and global incubation and innovation ecosystem standards. T-Hub will organise workshops, discussions, seminars, etc. through the Launchpad platform to enable colleges to understand process-driven incubation and the elements required for setting up a successful incubator.

Launchpad enables and empowers academic institutions to:

Provide guidance on how to run a successful incubation program
Provide an opportunity for student entrepreneurs to be a part of the Master Class program by T-Hub
Provide access to founders, startups, corporates and mentors for students to help them move towards business viability
Ravi Narayan, CEO, T-Hub, said, “During such unprecedented times of a global crisis, there is a need to create a strong innovation-driven culture among student innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs in academic institutions. T-Tribe is a unique initiative of T-Hub to utilize its existing assets to nurture student-led innovations. Through T-Tribe, we will enable them by providing mentorship, requisite resources, and support to solve business or social problems, thereby becoming job- creators rather than job seekers.”

As a part of the Master Class offering, over 70 student innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs will get an opportunity to receive advance mentoring from T-Hub. Subject matter experts from T-Hub and industry mentors from the innovation ecosystem will work with the students to help them transform their ideas into viable business propositions and models. The Master Class is an exclusive four-month pre-incubation program designed for student entrepreneurs in India. Students who have undergone the Launchpad program are also eligible to be a part of the Master Class.

The Master Class aims to enable and empower students entrepreneurs to:

Receive mentorship from industry leaders and subject matter experts from T-Hub and the ecosystem
Get requisite support, infrastructure and services
Get access to a network of mentors, investors and other ecosystem stakeholders
Establish connect with T-Hub startups who may be interested in their solutions
Raise funding from T-Hub’s investor network
The program for the first batch of chosen colleges and student entrepreneurs/innovators will commence in June 2020. Colleges and student entrepreneurs will be shortlisted from hundreds of applications received for Launchpad and Master Class respectively, after an extensive screening process. Applications will be open on June 2020, and interested colleges and student entrepreneurs can apply https://t-hub.co/t-tribe/

T-Tribe was implemented as a pilot program by T-Hub last year. The colleges that were a part of the program are as follows:

Vallurupalli Nageswara Rao Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology
Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology Hyderabad (VBIT)
Vasavi College of Engineering
Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology (MRCET)
Sree Nidhi Institute of Science and Technology
KL University
MLR Institute of Technology