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LMU: Understanding climate change

What exactly does the CDR method involve? Why is everyone talking about an energy transition? And how does climate monitoring work? LMU experts explain some of the technical terms that are now frequently encountered in the media.Prof.

LMU: New tools for climate monitoring

Coal mining, oil and gas production, landfills, agriculture – all these things are anthropogenic sources of methane (CH4), the greenhouse gas which is the second-strongest driver of climate change after carbon dioxide (CO2). In fact, a

LMU: Life at close quarters

Trapped in tree resin and preserved as in a time capsule: fossils enclosed in amber yield detailed insights into the anatomy of long extinct species. LMU zoologists Prof. Joachim T. Haug and Dr. Carolin Haug have discovered fossil

LMU: Studying gets digitalization boost

“It’s about time,” reckons Martin. “Juicy!” exclaims Santiago. “This is the real uni,” smiles Tabea. For many LMU students, the first semester on campus after one-and-a-half years of online learning was very satisfying. Finally, they