Taking a giant leap in efforts to place engineers, BridgeLabz introduces Tech Employability Quotient (BTEQ)

New Delhi: To mark the Engineer’s Day, BridgeLabz, a company solving tech employability, has launched BridgeLabz Tech Employability Quotient (BTEQ), a score that will determine the preparedness of a fresh engineer to get a development job. Engineers who have completed their education can appear for the online MCQ style randomised tests daily. .

The BTEQ will determine the preparedness of engineers for getting a development job on the basis of their skills. The maximum score is 100 , so someone getting a full score means they are completely prepared. Hence it also implies that higher the score better ones preparedness.Those having a lower than maximum score get a detailed report card which highlights their level within each area as mentioned below. Engineering graduates who have a lower than optimum score can get groomed through the BridgeLabz Fellowship program which offers a 100% job guarantee.

The BTEQ test result ise assessed real time on the basis of knowledge and competencies in the five areas – Terminal commands and GIT , Programming Constructs, OOPS Concepts, Java Programming and Web Development. The companies look for tech proficiency into these five major areas, which is the basic requirement for hiring.

Talking about the launch, Founder of BridgeLabz , Narayan Mahadevan, said, “We have a lot of tech talent in the country but there is still a huge tech employability gap.There is a need to address this gap, hence we have come up with a platform where tech graduates can assess their potential and equip themselves with the right skillset to become employable tech talent. Even for the companies, it is a challenge to recruit skilled workers. Our BTEQ is a two-way solution, wherein companies get to recruit best talent on the basis of the score and candidates with low scores get to recognize the areas they need to work on.”

The candidates can take the test daily on the various online assets of BridgeLabz – google, FB, Instagram, Linkedin and the website. The results will be out every week and top scorers will be announced on the 1st of every month. Apart from the opportunity to get a job through BridgeLabz, top scorers will get upto 50% Scholarship on the Bridgelabz Fellowship Program.