Talent from lower-tier cities and states are more employable compared to those in metro cities, finds BridgeLabz survey

BridgeLabz, a leading AWS-recognized incubator focused on solving tech employability, has concluded in a survey that talent from lower-tier cities and states have better employability scores than those from metro cities. The leading incubator lab conducted a BridgeLabz Tech Employability Test Quotient (BTEQ) among 20,000 students across India to determine the readiness of the engineering talent for development jobs.

The survey revealed that there is an improvement in the average score from 27% (2020) to 40% (2021) among aspiring job candidates. It also indicated that Andhra Pradesh has 41% of ready talent followed by Assam with 32% and Bihar with 31%. The analysis showed that 75% of the talent is from Tier 2 cities.

Speaking on the findings, Mr. Narayan Mahadevan, Founder, BridgeLabz, said, “The survey indicates that there is a large chunk of the population that is far more employable but remains unemployed. At BridgeLabz, we aim to reduce the talent crunch in the market by making young graduates market-ready with skill enhancement programs and working on their soft skills. As we groom these individuals, the industry needs to look at the untapped potential from Tier 2 cities to end the hiring war.”

BridgeLabz offers experiential learning programs, which are an integration of theory and application. They enable tech talent to put in the time to practice their skills and learn the nuances of the latest technologies. Through these programs, they can also become lead engineers who can guide the young engineers and eventually become contributors.