Talentedge unveils a bold new brand identity

New Delhi : Leading ed-tech firm, Talentedge has unveiled a new brand purpose and identity as it further spreads its wings in the high-growth Online Program Management (OPM) as well as the executive-education and cohort-based-courses (CBC) space. The fresh and bold new identity represents the promise of Talentedge to young dreamers and aspirers to provide their careers an edge by standing beside them in helping them fulfil their ambitions.


The new Brand Purpose of Talentedge and the new Brand Identity has been designed keeping the audience as well as simple insights in mind post a rigorous effort put by the Talentedge team in terms of understanding consumers as well as industry trends besides multi-screen media consumption habits of todays consumers.


The new Talentedge logo is a simple but insightful take on the habit of people to underline what they deem to be important. It highlights and underscores the importance of helping Talent get the “Edge” – which reflects the foresightedness of the brand and its forward-looking vision. The new brand purpose and identity also emphasize that every human being is born with innate talents and the only thing that is needed to succeed is for someone to help the individual to realize the Edge” that each one of us possesses.


Talentedge has been one of the most trusted names in the Higher Education space in India as it endeavours each day to bring inclusivity, efficiency, and productivity in higher education while serving the learning, upskilling and career needs of Indians across the length and breadth of the country and across age-groups.


With the world becoming increasingly complex and consumers being bombarded with ever-increasing content, the new brand identity is a welcome relief as it focuses on simplicity and inspiring conversations that celebrate the talent and success of every person. The new Logo has black at its core, which represents the authority of Talentedge in a bold yet evolutionary manner.


The new Talentedge logo is designed in a way that it can go with any background and blends seamlessly with a new visual imagery that the brand is coming out with. To help Indians to Get The Edge’ and propel their careers, Talentedge aligns with Indias leading employers to identify the skills and careers of tomorrow and delivers courses from the leading Indian and global institutions to help talent to fulfil their dreams.


Commenting on the process of the discovering the Brand Purpose and the launch of the new brand identity, Mr. Abhinav Upadhyay, Chief Marketing Officer Talentedge says, For us, the process of discovering our brand purpose and then evolving our new identity has been a very fulfilling journey and has been immensely gratifying for me personally. India has a low Gross Enrolment Ratio of just 27.4% which means that people who are currently unserved by the formal higher education system in India is larger than the population of Germany and Canada combined. We are solving for that and to ensure that every Indian attains the potential that he or she is capable of. Our new identity is a seemingly simple yet bold and powerful expression of our purpose to ensure no ambition goes unfulfilled.


Every individual looks to stay in demand and we seek to enable this simple but ambitious goal of every dreamer, every aspirer and every single individual who wishes to challenge the status quo of her life. This new identity is an extension of who we are and what we are known for, which is to help the talent of this country to find their own edge. We believe that a brand is known by its purpose while the identity system or communication is just a representation of the brands true values that it seeks to drive across all its touchpoints. Our focus while creating the new identity has been inclusivity while leveraging our strength and authority in our domain. This thought is reflected in us choosing NOT to have a fixed color palette and be fluid in the way we use colors thereby departing from rigidity and reflecting the nimble and open approach that the brand has towards serving its consumers or identifying new opportunities of growth.”


We have helped over 500,000 learners fulfil their aspirations for a better life and it is their support and love that has helped us to evolve into a brand that we can all celebrate together. The fresh, simple yet inclusive identity is a reflection of our core – a brand that will stay true and honest in helping people realize their own dreams and ambitions”, added Mr. Upadhyay.


Talentedge is poised to change the way Indians fuel their ambition and achieve their goals. This powerful educational platform connects aspirants with industry leading courses that will enable them to excel, and the industry leaders who can mentor them successfully towards their goals. Talentedge has massive contributions in transforming digital education in India with its online courses from leading global and Indian Universities and institutions. It has focused on interactivity and value addition for learners and institutions by offering a blend of online education with career services. The brand has trained industry professionals offering industry-relevant courses and contributed towards a skilled workforce in the industry while helping Universities realize their goals of taking their degrees online after the new National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020).