TalentSprint launches Data Science for Managers in association with Praxis Business School

New Delhi: Aligning with India’s mission to empower 2 Million professionals with future technologies, TalentSprint has embarked on an ambitious plan to enable100,000 professionals to gain expertise in disruptive technologies including Data Science, Blockchain, FinTech, AI and ML. To that end, company has announced the launch of ‘Data Science for Managers’ in partnership with Praxis Business School.

Speaking to media, Dr. Santanu Paul, MD & CEO, TalentSprint, said, “We want to enable 100,000 working professionals gain expertise in disruptive technologies in the next five years. We are launching programs in association with best-in-class partners. Our newest program – Data Science for Managers – is with Praxis, a leading B-school known for its data science and analytics expertise. Our FinTech and Blockchain program is with global industry leaders: Ripple, PayPal, Paytm Payments Bank, ICICI Bank, Indian Angel Network.”

According to a forecast by PWC, 2.7 million new data science and analytical jobs will be created by 2020. Business decisions are taken based on data. With volumes of data exploding on one hand and business decisions becoming complex on the other hand, it is critical for modern managers and business leaders to gain expertise in using data science toolchains. This is a universal skillset required across all industries, not just IT.

Speaking on the occasion, Charanpreet Singh, Co-founder and Director, Praxis Business School Foundation, “We realize that, moving forward, all managers need to be data fluent. Praxis enjoys a nationwide #2 ranking for its full-time programs in business analytics. Data Science for Managers, is specifically designed for managers and business leaders across all sectors. It emphasizes case studies as a primary tool to build expertise in Data Science and is in sync with Praxis’ mission to empower managers with deep data skills. Praxis is happy to partner TalentSprint and bring its program to the working professionals of Hyderabad”.

The Data Science for Managers program, ideal for practicing managers and business leaders across all sectors, will start from March 2018. It will be initially offered in Hyderabad. The program will be led by the reputed experts: Dr. Prithwis Mukherjee, Charanpreet Singh and Asokan Pichai. More on the program at: www.talentsprint.com/dsfm

TalentSprint also announced the Hyderabad batch of Foundations of FinTech and Blockchain program. This program is offered in association with global industry leaders Ripple, PayPal, Paytm Payments Bank, ICICI Bank and Indian Angel Network. The first batch in Hyderabad will start from March 2018. The program will be delivered by Ritesh Modi and Sameer Singh Jaini, who are recognized experts in the fields of Blockchain and FinTech respectively. More on the program at: talentsprint.com/ftbc