Talview Launches its Instacampus Solutions to Help Schools Build Their Digital Campus

AI-based recruitment startup, Talview, today announces a range of Remote Proctored Examination and Online Admissions solutions for Education providers across the globe. Using Talview’s platform, Educational and Certification organizations will be able to conduct their admissions and examination processes remotely and efficiently.

Talview has witnessed a surge in demand for its online assessments, remote proctoring, and video interviewing solutions from education institutions and certification providers across the globe. As schools and universities close their campuses due to COVID-19, building a secure online learning and exam infrastructure has taken center-stage and become as integral as course scheduling and grading software. Education organizations are now in a race to build out their learning infrastructure while continuing to keep the value of their offerings high.

Talview’s Remote Proctoring and Online Admissions solutions are already successfully being used by institutions such as Eastern Washington University, XLRI, DigiPen, Ellicom, CLFP, NITIE, Pitsco, LPP Learning, and more. Talview helped Eastern Washington University complete its admissions process four times faster. Also, XLRI in India was able to hold online admissions for 4000+ candidates using Talview’s platform.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced educational institutes across the world to quickly move their processes to online platforms — be it admissions, regular course modules, or exams — to ensure that their program schedules aren’t affected, and at the same time, there is no compromise on the safety of students and teachers. Talview offers to help these institutes with our user-friendly AI-driven online proctoring, assessments, and video interviewing platform. Our solution features a wide variety of assessment types and a highly scalable plug & play online proctoring platform with easy integration to all the leading LMSs. Campuses can go live with our solution in less than a week’s time,” says Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO at Talview.

Talview helps universities move their admissions process online with secure online entrance tests, a multi-geography student application process, and all-device video interviews.

For conducting course examinations online, Talview offers live and automated remote proctoring, standard and customizable exam formats, real-time alerts and log for suspicious activities, and easy integration with leading LMS tools.