Tata ClassEdge and CMS Lucknow partner for one of the world’s largest measurement-driven digital education initiatives


Lucknow: For the first time in India, Tata ClassEdge has introduced a measurement-driven model, MATE (Managed Adoption of Technology in Education), for the effective adoption of technology in classrooms. MATE will be implemented in 877 City Montessori Classrooms, and will be one of the largest measurement-driven school education initiatives anywhere in the world.
MATE is a platform for schools to improve their teaching-learning practices through data-based feedback loops. In this collaborative partnership between Tata ClassEdge and CMS, MATE will serve as an end-to-end service where Tata ClassEdge takes complete responsibility for teacher training, acceptance, adoption and effective usage of technology by teachers in classrooms.
Nirav Khambhati, CEO of Tata ClassEdge, said, “We have been associated with CMS Lucknow for the last four years and are happy to take this partnership further. After receiving feedback from teachers and our research team, we decided to introduce MATE, an evidence based approach to improving technology-enabled teaching and learning. Our usage data has been strengthened over the years by the various ways in which more than one lakh teachers across the nation have been using the system. This data provides us invaluable insights to design high impact personalised interventions for better use of technology in classrooms.”

Commenting on this partnership, Prof Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, President and COO of CMS said, “City Montessori School (CMS) has been a pioneer in providing education via Interactive White Boards in every classroom. We are delighted to have Tata ClassEdge as our partners. Their product contains excellent off-the-shelf content, which puts teachers in control while also providing pedagogical tools – an example of ‘appropriate technology’ for enhancing our students’ learning.”