Tata Interactive Systems gains six Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning wins

New Delhi: Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a pioneer in learning solutions, has notched up another impressive haul at the 2017 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards. The final tally consists of two Gold, one silver and three bronze awards.

“It is a tremendous honour for TIS solutions to gain recognition at Brandon Hall, which is widely regarded as the premier awards for the learning industry,” says Saurabh Mittal, COO, TIS. “The award-winning solutions showcase TIS’s strengths in serious games, simulations, blended learning and custom courseware. We continue to push the boundaries and create world-class, cutting-edge learning solutions for our clients,” Mr Mittal added.

Details of the six awards are as follows:

Best use of blended learning

Gold: An innovative blended learning solution for PepsiCo’s sales planning process featuring multi-modality learning featuring web tutorials, ILT and role-play simulations

Best use of games and simulations for learning

Gold: An in-depth and immersive simulation for PepsiCo’s material handling system for a hands-on understanding of resource allocation and planning

Silver: A gamified learning simulation to help PepsiCo employees understand the financial impact of business decisions

Best advance in custom content

Bronze: A training programme featuring motion graphics, flash cards, and gamelets for a bite-sized learning approach aimed at Emirates employees on safely handling containers and pallets

Bronze: Multi-modality web-based training programme featuring videos, infographics, case studies and questionnaires for hiring managers at Vista Consulting Group

Bronze: Training programme for Evolution Healthcare, featuring various realistic healthcare scenarios that require complex decision-making to develop an integrated healthcare plan for patients.