Tata Power Club Enerji issues clarion call with #Switchoff2SwitchOn2

National: Close on the heels of winning “The Edison Award” for Social Innovation for its “Club Enerji #SwitchOff2SwitchOn” campaign under the Social Energy Solutions category, Tata Power announces the second edition of “#Switchoff2SwitchOn” in order to increase awareness, promote sustainable living and engage with a wider audience than the previous season. Looking at the current scenario, where the country is homebound, this year, the company chooses to focus on promoting resource and energy conservation from the comfort of one’s home.

Spread over three months, this social media led campaign has been rolled out with a teaser video and will be further promoted via a series of videos encapsulating the dire need for the millennials and Gen Z to recalibrate their actions to save natural resources and energy to create a sustainable future.

It is no secret that we, human beings, have taken our planet for granted, exploiting resources and depleting its biodiversity to feed our unsustainable ways. Looking at the different examples of the way in which nature has reclaimed her property, this pandemic also serves as a reminder to all of us about the need to step back, take a closer look at our development, change the way we are living and reconfigure our transportation to reduce our carbon emissions.

With children as the target audience, Club Enerji students will convey the core message of the campaign through a series of videos on tips and tricks to save energy and resources amid the lockdown, which will be promoted on the Club’s social media pages. In addition, it will be hosted on Tata Power’s Green Community page to encourage individuals across the globe to click on the ‘Thumbs up’ icon on the page as a sign of their support for this campaign.

Ms Shalini Singh, Chief-Corporate Communications & Sustainability, Tata Power said, “We, at Tata Power, have always been walking the talk. As an environmentally conscious organisation, it is our endeavour to create nationwide awareness about the importance of responsible energy consumption and conservation, through our initiatives. We are confident that this campaign will propel on the basis of the success of the campaign’s first season through continued promotion and sensitisation of, not just our offline customers, but also of a wider online audience.”

In order to promote this to a larger audience, a special page has been designed on Facebook wherein the company aims to engage with the millennials and Gen Z through tailor made content on various activities for the campaign. Additionally, it will be promoted through influencer marketing via new age media platforms such as TikTok (challenge), Snapchat (lenses), Instagram (stories), Twitter (polls) and Quora etc. to connect with the millennials.

In addition, the campaign will leverage established brand activities such as Wattloss Challenge in partnership with ‘I Live Simply’ to engage with its target audience. A brand AV will also be released to sensitise individuals about the importance of the ‘Switch off’ concept and its direct connection towards saving the planet. The campaign will be further promoted through a resource conservation module on Clubenerji.com wherein it will focus on all the aspects of natural resource and energy conservation from home.

The campaign successfully garnered over 10,000 pledges last year along with winning Gold for the coveted ACEF Asian Leaders Forum Award in the ‘Most Admired Not for Profit Campaign’ category. Choosing to support ‘Switch Off’ to incite intelligent and thoughtful use of electrical equipment and ‘Switch On’ to increase the savings account for environment and energy, the campaign aims to encourage small behavioural changes amongst the future generation, which will lead to a lasting impact.