Tata Power Club Enerji organises ‘Save Water’ Maharally in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”, especially, when it is a nationwide movement of energy & resource conservation. With an intent to train and sensitise young children to conserve water, Tata Power Club Enerji recently organised the ‘Save Water’ Maharally. It was spearheaded by students of Pawar Public School in Bhandup and witnessed active participation of over 230 students from a host of nine other schools in the vicinity. More than 1000 people were sensitised during the rally.

Centered on water, the most precious resource on earth, the rally aimed at spreading the message of saving each and every drop of water amongst the local communities residing in the vicinity. This was followed by a melodious theme prayer song on ‘Water’ sung by the choir group of Pawar school and a street play titled ‘Jal Nahin Toh Kal Nahin’. The play highlighted the dreadful consequences of acute water shortage and the grim future haunting the planet with a humorous take on it. The skit also presented various solutions for saving water through which we can save human existence.

“Club Enerji has always laid major focus on making people realize the importance of saving water since India occupies only 2.45 percent of land on earth and only 4 percent of world’s water resources. We would like to thank our partner schools for supporting our vision and adopting a holistic approach towards water conservation”, said Ms Shalini Singh, Chief-Corporate Communications & Sustainability, Tata Power.