Tata Sky celebrates the joy of togetherness this ‘International Family Day’

Mumbai : Staying true to its spirit of providing family entertainment, Tata Sky, India’s leading content distribution and Pay TV platform in partnership with Chimp&z Inc celebrated International Family Day with the launch of a digital campaign under its larger Isko Laga Dala Toh #FamilyJingalala positioning. In times of social distancing when families have been spending more time together at home, Tata Sky took the initiative to knit these bonds stronger by celebrating togetherness through a meaningful message.

The film takes us through the beautiful moments inside a home depicting how family members who were busy in their individual lives have now come together once again spending quality time as one unit. The film focuses on relationships, showcasing instances of togetherness in the current scenario like kids getting adequate sleep instead of rushing to get ready for school in the mornings; instead of Saturday outings, couples taking to cooking and enjoying delicious meals together; helping one another with household chores; fighting for the TV remote; and above all else, despite all norms of social distancing, families coming together to enjoy apno ke saath apna entertainment.

Commenting on the campaign, Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications Officer, Tata Sky said, “We wanted to highlight the positives of these distressing times in a light hearted yet meaningful way through this campaign. Aimed at closing the gap between generations, the viewers will find the messaging of this campaign very relatable. It’s a slice of life depiction of the bitter-sweet relationship one has with their family members. Occasions like family meals and TV time have always brought people together and it is happening more so in todays times. We at Tata Sky therefore decided to bring alive these little nuances of life through this campaign on International Family Day.”

Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO & Co-founder of Chimp&z Inc said, “Since the lockdown brought us all together, we must wonder why it took a crisis to teach us the importance of our families. We had our means of individual entertainment so somewhere we stopped coming to the living room and have those little squabbles about taking control of the TV remote; one of things that symbolises coming together as a family. With the opportunity of celebrating the International Day of Families, we brought this message out through this campaign. Here’s hoping that it strikes a chord with our viewers and helps them cherish this family time.”

The campaign was further executed on Tata Sky’s social media handles with engaging activities on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook including – Guess the Gibberish, guessing catchphrases of dialogues common at home and Families on WhatsApp – encouraging followers to share screenshots of fun and lively chats on family WhatsApp groups.