Tata Steel organises an exclusive chat with the Head Coach and CEO of Jamshedpur FC

Jamshedpur: Tata Steel, today, organised an exclusive discussion with Owen Coyle, Head Coach, Jamshedpur FC and Mukul Choudhari, CEO of Jamshedpur FC. Rajiv Seth, Project Director, NTHA Odisha and Diksha Tiwari, Consulting Senior Associate Editor, My City Links Magazine, co-moderated a charged discussion about the future of football and the evolution journey of Jamshedpur FC as a promising team.

Owen Coyle recently joined as the Head Coach of Jamshedpur FC and comes with immense experience. He has been actively involved in recruiting the new players for the team and is confident of the team’s performance in the upcoming games. The team has taken a phenomenal shape and performed exceptionally well in the recent league games.

The discussion highlighted the grassroots work done by Jamshedpur FC in Jharkhand and specifically in Jamshedpur, and how Tata Steel has given a platform for years along with the much-required professional support to the players. The conversation also included how the emergence of local football leagues have given a fillip to the game, where talented youth now have multiple opportunities to play their favourite game.

During the discussion, they also spoke about how spectator sports is gaining huge popularity in India and the impetus from the government along with the huge consumer market that is being explored by the broadcast companies will only help boost football in the coming years.

Owen Coyle, Head Coach, Jamshedpur FC, said: “Football has come a long way in India and it is overwhelming to see exceptional talent and the passion for the sport amongst the youth. Our collective goal is to see Jamshedpur FC in the ISL finals and be the winning team and we are excited for the next season to begin.”

Mukul Choudhari, CEO, Jamshedpur FC, said: “Infrastructure plays an important role in the development of any sport and we are thankful that Tata Football Academy has just provided the required ecosystem in the State of Jharkhand to promote the sport. Our focus on developing the grassroots has provided a great platform for budding players to showcase their talent. We have invested in a structured approach towards coaching young players from the very beginning so they can be integrated well into the professional teams in the future. The entire ecosystem is built to ensure every player and coach has the right environment to grow.”

Tata Steel has been making relentless efforts to build a sporting culture locally and provide the right opportunities for local talent to grow. The Tata Football Academy currently runs 9 football schools and 20 centers across Jharkhand to reach to the grassroots. The Academy so far has reached out to more than 3000 children of different age groups within the State and are coaching and inducting them in the Under-10, 12 and 14 football teams. They have further integrated the children in the 6 to 14 years age group category, enabling them to elevate their game and prepare them to join the professional teams in the future.

Sports has been integral to Tata Steel’s philosophy of nation building. In India, Tata Steel spearheads the corporate promotion of sports at a generic level through its relentless and constant encouragement to professional sportsman, amateurs, and its own employees to pursue sports and excel. Tata Steel has been consistently involved in creating and nurturing professional sportspersons through its academies and grassroots feeder centres.

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