Tata Steel organises webinar with cricketing stalwarts

Bhubaneshwar: Tata Steel, today, organised a virtual panel discussion to discuss ‘The Fast Bowling Technique: How good technique, strength & conditioning makes a bowler better performer’. This webinar was conducted with an aim to emphasise right knowledge and research oriented approach towards pace bowling. Such platforms can not only accelerate people’s interest in bowling but eventually produce more refined pace bowlers as well.

The esteemed panelists included Marc Portus, Renounced Australian Bio-Mechanist, MD of Praxis Performance Group & the Pace Doctor; T. A. Sekar, Former Indian Test and ODI Cricketer, Ex-Chief coach MRF Pace Foundation; and Stuart Karppinen, Former Australian Cricketer, Ex- Strength and Conditioning Coach, Australian National Cricket Team. Rajiv Seth, Project Director, NTHA Odisha, and Diksha Tiwari, Consulting Senior Associate Editor, My City Links Magazine, co-moderated the discussion.

In a country where cricket is not just a game but a religion, batsmen are considered as the real heroes of the game. Bowling is still not a frequently discussed topic as is batting domain. There is a major scope to provide the correct data and have ample conversations on it. The webinar provided a well-rounded information about the right techniques of pace bowling and delved on how in addition to technique, the strength and conditioning play a major role in a player’s performance. The conversations also emphasised how younger players can benefit from the adoption of the right technical knowledge.

Marc Portus said: “The right bowling technique can make huge difference in a game and a player’s life. These days, there are few opportunities for bowling knowledge discussions and Tata Steel has provided a much needed platform for everyone to encourage the upcoming bowlers. Nurturing sportsperson at a young age with right techniques can shape a career well in advance.”

T. A. Sekar, said: “Cricket has evolved hugely in the last few years. Younger players are joining the game and as a result, it is important to have a data and research driven approach from a young age to help them work on their technique. With relentless support of Tata Steel, we are sure to impart the right knowledge to young cricketers and encourage them to make right choices for their future.”

Stuart Karppinen, said: “In cricket, these days a batsman enjoys far more popularity than a bowler. It was a delight to be a part of a panel to discuss the bowling technique and its nuances. We need more such discussion forums to promote and encourage bowlers. I am sure, it must be a great learning for young bowlers.”

There is a dearth of right information on pace bowling and various other sports domains. With the help of this webinar and similar such platforms, Tata Steel intends to impart relevant knowledge and expertise to the sports enthusiasts of the country.
Sports has been integral to Tata Steel’s philosophy of nation building. In India, Tata Steel as a corporate, spearheads the promotion of sports through its relentless and constant encouragement to professional sportspersons, amateurs, and its own employees to pursue sports and excel. Tata Steel has been consistently involved in creating and nurturing professional sportspersons through its academies and grassroots feeder centres.

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