Tata Steel recognised for ‘Excellence in Knowledge Management’ by American Productivity & Quality Centre

New Delhi: Tata Steel has been selected for the 2020 honours list for ‘Excellence in Knowledge Management’ by Houston (US)-based American Productivity & Quality Centre (APQC). The annual award recognises Tata Steel’s global standard in systems and processes created and practised for its knowledge management capabilities.

Tata Steel had participated in the APQC’s Excellence in Knowledge Management (KM) Award to get an external perspective on its KM process and to understand the best practices required to achieve its aspirational maturity. APQC’s KM Capability Assessment Tool looks at various aspects covering 12 component areas to assess organisations’ KM process through a five-step maturity model.

The quality of Knowledge Management is a critical discipline that decides an organisation’s ability to create, share, use, and manage knowledge and information. More importantly, it is also a measure of the organisation’s ability to retain and leverage knowledge and information that may otherwise be lost when employees change jobs.

Avneesh Gupta, Vice President, Total Quality Management & Shared Services, Tata Steel, said: “Knowledge and information are important assets in any organisation, and like physical and financial assets, requires conscious management. It is imperative to enable structured and quality knowledge management practices to drive business continuity and excellence.

We are proud to receive the recognition of excellence from APQC. This recognition will further motivate us in our continued pursuit to strengthen the management of organisational knowledge, steering us ahead towards creating a passion for learning.”

Dr. Carla O’Dell, Chairman, APQCs said: “All of the award winners generate impactful results through sustainable knowledge management programs.”

The 8-month journey that started in July 2019 involved a comprehensive application form submission which included details related to all the 12 component areas and relevant examples. This exercise was undertaken by the Tata Steel’s TQM (Total Quality Management) team.

Tata Steel is among the 10 global organisations named for the prestigious award this year and one among the two India-headquartered companies.

Founded in 1977 by business leader and innovator Jack Grayson, APQC, a non-profit organisation, is the world’s foremost authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement and knowledge management. APQC provides information, data, and insights for organisations to work smarter, faster, and with greater confidence. They provide independent, unbiased, and validated research & data to their more than 550 members in 45 industries worldwide. Their members have exclusive access to the world’s largest set of benchmark data, with more than two million data points.

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