“We Are Taught Much, But We Learn Less”, Pavan Kaushik

Bhubaneswar: As part of the International Teachers Day celebration, Vivekananda Lok Manch today recognized the teachers who have made Udaipur proud. These were the teachers whose students have attained high positions in government as well as private sector. On this occasion, as guest of Honour, Pavan Kaushik the Vice President & Head – Corporate Communication of Hindustan Zinc spoke about the relation between teaching and education. “We are taught much but we learn less”, he said.

He spoke about how technology is making us dependent. The gadgets that we created and making us their dependent. We have forgotten to seek knowledge and we only thrive to seek marks and grades. He said “try not touching gadgets for about a day and you feel there is plenty of time to invest in various creative things. Without gadgets we had all the time to play and do socialization. Today, our socialization happens in the digital world. I don’t say technology is not connecting people who live distance away. What I am saying is that it is creating distance between people living close to you.”

“Our teachers have made what we are today – our position, our character and we as a brand” Pavan Kaushik said.
Founder of “Gurukshetra”, a project that helps building a culture of corporate like education in schools, emphasis on short term and long term vision of students, teachers and schools. Kaushik said, “If a corporate education like structure can be put in place in the schools, it will help devise various verticals of different subjects and with focused teaching, the scoring of each of the verticals can be improved, leading to strengthening of education system.”