TCS Among Top 5 Triple-A Trifecta Service Providers: HFS

Mumbai, February 25, 2021: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, has been ranked #5 in the HFS Top 10 for Triple-A Trifecta Services1.

Triple-A Trifecta is an HFS terminology for the intersection of three critical change agents—automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart analytics. According to the report, while they are each powerful in their own right, they are exponentially so when used together and enable scalable, end-to-end intelligent automation.

“Progressive enterprises across industries are harnessing new technologies to democratize data, glean meaningful insights and intelligently automate activities using AI and machine learning to drive new business models, enable superior customer experiences and accelerate growth,” said Dinanath Kholkar, Global Head, Analytics and Insights, TCS. “This recognition from an independent, third-party research firm is a reflection of our futuristic vision, focus on innovation, and customer-centricity.”

TCS leverages its technology expertise, industry knowledge, and market-leading offerings to help global enterprises become purpose-driving, resilient and adaptable. TCS’ Business 4.0™ thought leadership framework combined with its Machine First™ Delivery Model (MFDM™) that augments human capabilities with machine intelligence, is helping clients accelerate their growth and transformation initiatives.

TCS offers a comprehensive portfolio of AI, automation and analytics services and solutions catering to every business stakeholder, and spanning consulting and advisory, systems design, implementation, development and testing, and post deployment support and maintenance. Solutions and services include:

Automation – TCS drives intelligent automation transformations across applications, operations and processes. The MFDM AI Workbench uses robotics, machine learning and AI to power enterprise-wide transformation. TCS has implemented a massive reskilling and upskilling initiative internally to ensure it has the right skills and approach to consistently bring MFDM to all engagements.

TCS’ D3 strategy – This includes DATOM™ – a data and analytics maturity assessment, consulting and advisory framework; DAEzMo™, a data and analytics estate modernization framework; and Decision Fabric™, a state-of-the-art AI engine that powers contextual industry offerings.

AI portfolio – Using machine learning, machine vision, voice recognition, natural language processing and knowledge mining, TCS has been building AI-based solutions that drive business transformation for customers across different industry verticals. In addition, TCS has invested in developing an industry-leading suite of award-winning products and platforms with AI at their core. These include:

ignio™ – SaaS suite of AI-driven software that combines enterprise IT context, insights, and intelligent automation to deliver resilient, agile, and autonomous IT operations without human intervention.

Algo Retail™ – a suite that enables retailers to seamlessly integrate and orchestrate data flows across the retail value chain, harnessing the power of analytics, AI and machine learning.

TCS ADD – a modern and open drug development platform that enables digital ecosystems, simplifies data complexity and provides faster access to new and effective drugs for patients in need

Additionally, TCS has been partnering customers in driving innovation by harnessing the power of analytics, automation and AI. It has invested in a globally distributed network of co-innovation and advanced research centers called Pace Ports™. In addition to showcasing the latest technologies and industry-specific business solutions to clients, these centers offer ideation spaces and agile prototyping capabilities, to help customers launch new innovative products and services.

According to Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President, HFS Research, “TCS is one of the few providers that take an inherently functional IT-enablement and scalable architecture approach to Triple-A Trifecta services—striving to make enterprises “AI ready” end-to-end across both business and IT. Its Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM) framework helps drive this mindset change internally and with its clients to give the first right of refusal to technology to get work done. TCS’ approach to the Triple-A and its role in helping enterprises break down their internal silos and drive meaningful digital transformation helped the firm secure a top 5 performance amidst a field of formidable competition.”

“TCS’ investments and cutting-edge research in digital technologies to develop high impact, business-focused, innovative solutions are helping our customers personalize at scale, explore new avenues for growth and unlock exponential value,” added Dinanath Kholkar.


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