TCS Enables Post-Merger Integration of GE Transportation into Wabtec

Tata Consultancy Services Helped Transform and Integrate the ERP Systems, Move Critical Remote Monitoring Systems to the Cloud, and Set the Stage for Unlocking Business Synergies from the Merger

MUMBAI : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced that it has helped Wabtec Corporation successfully complete the complex post-merger integration of GE Transportation’s core systems within the stipulated time, in the midst of the global pandemic, setting the stage for unlocking the business synergies arising from the merger. The integration also resulted in a future-ready digital core for Wabtec’s freight and rail business, and a playbook for future mergers and acquisitions.

Having been a strategic partner for GE Transportation for many years, TCS was involved in the pre-merger planning around the separation of its core systems from the parent. Once the merger was announced in 2019, TCS helped map out the interrelationships and dependencies leveraging its deep contextual knowledge of GE Transportation’s business and technology landscape. It conducted design thinking workshops with stakeholders across 13 countries, to map out to create a detailed blueprint covering more than 100 business functions, for integrating GE Transportation’s operations and systems into Wabtec’s ecosystem.

TCS used its Digital Melting Pot framework to consolidate GE Transportation’s ERP estate onto one core instance, harmonizing processes and decommissioning the legacy mainframe-based system. This resulted in a single source of truth across the enterprise, enabling better planning and faster decision-making. This transformation also eased the subsequent integration of the consolidated core ERP instance, involving 130 legal entities, along with the entire business intelligence infrastructure consisting of 14,000 reports, 10,000 underlying ETL jobs and applications, data warehouses and associated databases into the Wabtec IT landscape.

TCS also helped create a future-ready digital core by migrating GE Transportation’s mission-critical remote monitoring and diagnostic applications that keep track of the health of over 23,000 locomotives in the field, onto the AWS cloud, ensuring high availability and accelerating its software release cycles by automating 100% of its DevOps. This platform, when extended to Wabtec’s passenger and shunter locomotives, is expected to help drive a smarter, more efficient and safer transportation system.

Additionally, TCS’ Consulting and Service Integration practice carried out a finance transformation, resulting in a 30 percent improvement in productivity metrics, and laying the foundation for an operating model transformation across Wabtec’s finance operations.

“This merger with GE Transportation helps Wabtec become a technologically advanced global transportation and logistics leader with the integration of a highly complementary set of capabilities that enable us to accelerate the future of transportation,” said Richard Smith, Chief Information Officer, Wabtec. “TCS’ strong understanding of our business and innovative approach helped in building a digital core which paves the way for our growth and transformation journey.”

“We are very proud to partner with Wabtec in harnessing our collective contextual knowledge and helping integrate GE Transportation’s core systems within the stipulated timeline with zero disruption to business. The new digital core will help unlock business synergies from the merger and unleash digital technology capabilities that will transform the transportation and logistics sector,” said Anupam Singhal, Senior Vice President, TCS.