TCS Japan launches ignio™, AI for IT Operations


Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, today announced the launch in Japan of ignio™, the company’s award-wining cognitive automation solution for IT operations.

ignio™ ’s pre-built knowledge on IT applications and infrastructure enables it to focus on delivering smarter and faster decision-making by building contextual awareness of the business environment in which it is deployed. The resulting clarity in the state of IT operations allows enterprises to predict and prevent problems with greater speed and accuracy, and produce marked improvements in operational efficiency, thus allowing organizations to become more agile, robust, and productive.

When system outages occur today, businesses dedicate vast resources to rectify the problem. Oftentimes, multiple teams are called together to identify the root cause and devise resolution plans. This can take several hours and sometimes days. ignio™ is able to rapidly identify the same root cause within minutes, and is even able to resolve the problem autonomously.

“While we believe that many enterprises in Japan have started on the journey to transform in the new digital economy by leveraging forces like AI, we have observed globally that many AI products today require long learning cycles,” said Akhilesh Tripathi, TCS’ Head of Global Sales for Software Products. “Instead, we prebuilt ignio™ with IT application and infrastructure knowledge, therefore allowing ignio™ to begin delivering value in less than six weeks.”

Norikazu Sekino, Head of IT Infrastrcuture Services, TCS Japan commented, “We are confident that ignio™ can very quickly deliver clear benefits for corporations running large IT operations, and feel that AI driven business-operations will be of significant impact in Japan. To this end we are buoyed by the promising results of our initial pilot with Mitsubishi Corporation, and also see ignio™’s recent achievement of certified integration with SAP ERP as a boon for expansion in Japan.”

Speaking on Mitsubishi Corporation’s experience with ignio™, Mr. Takeshi Higuchi, General Manager, IT Planning Department comments that, “We have been thoroughly satisfied with ignio™’s results and the speed with which they were delivered through this pilot. Not only has ignio™ reduced incident recovery time by thirty percent, it has also slashed incident response work volumes in half, and all but eliminated human error. Through full scale adoption we foresee ignio™ helping to optimize utilization of IT-investment resources. In our view, the flow-on effects of IT system stability will contribute not only to improved work efficiency and reduced workplace errors, but also to the creation of business value.”

In the two years since ignio™ ’s launch in June 2015, it has grown to intelligently manage over 1,000,000 infrastructure resources for various Fortune 500 enterprises globally. TCS Japan has established a strong team of local engineers and support personnel to begin delivering ignio™ to customers in the Japanese market.