TCS Launches the Autoscape™ Solution Suite to Help Deliver Next-Gen Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Experiences

Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, has launched the Autoscape™ solution suite to enable connected and autonomous vehicle ecosystem players – such as automotive OEMs, suppliers, fleet owners and start-ups – to pursue new business models, launch new services quickly and deliver differentiated experiences and value to end-customers.

TCS has launched this new suite of solutions and services to help global manufacturers and other ecosystem players accelerate their initiatives around autonomous and connected vehicles. Autoscape comprehensively addresses the technology and business challenges that these programs entail, like petabyte-scale driving data collection and analysis, development, validation and deployment of algorithms which guide autonomous vehicles in the real world.

The Autoscape Autonomous Vehicle (AV) solution suite covers the entire end-to-end AV development value chain, and consists of AV Data Services, a Data Annotation Studio and AV validation services. Through AV Data Services, TCS offers comprehensive compute infrastructure architecture, a data management solution, AI workbench, and toolkits to accelerate AV development. The Data Annotation Studio is a data curation solution with cost effective workflow orchestration, model management, and best-in-class AI tools. TCS SIMPLE is a simulation-led autonomous vehicle validation platform that is coverage-driven and generates AI enhanced scenarios and test cases, particularly focusing on identifying test cases that will cause a failure – the edge cases.

The Autoscape Connected Vehicle solution suite consists of Vehicle in the Cloud, Connected Vehicle Experience, Connected Insights, and a Data Monetization Toolkit. Vehicle in the Cloud provides the foundational capabilities required to manage a connected vehicle, and its digital twin in the cloud. The Connected Vehicle Experience solution, built on top of the Azure-based Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, enables personalized customer experiences inside and outside the vehicle in a scalable and secure manner.

Connected Insights provides OEMs and other ecosystem players with actionable insights from the data received from the connected vehicle ecosystem. The Data Monetization Toolkit provides opportunities for data monetization through TCS’ data marketplace platform that is integrated with consent management and subscription management platforms to facilitate the sale of data.

“There will be a significant increase in the adoption of connected and autonomous technologies in the coming years that will pave the way for innovative business models that deliver differentiated user experiences. TCS Autoscape will enable our customers to participate in the large business opportunity within the connected, autonomous, shared and electric ecosystem, to create new services, and define the future of mobility,” said Susheel Vasudevan, Global Head, Manufacturing and Utilities, TCS.

“The vehicle of the new decade is Connected and Autonomous (CAV), bringing the potential for enormous improvements in safety and efficiency. Though personal light-duty vehicles are promising targets for CAV technology, as in many industries commercial use cases lead the way, with freight, last-mile delivery, and even mining and agriculture proving rich with opportunities in the immediate term. TCS helps accelerate the shift with the introduction of Autoscape™ – a comprehensive suite of software tools and services built for OEMs and other technology developers, enabling them to bring their Connected and Autonomous Vehicle programs to life faster and more effectively,” said Eduard Fidler, Industry Analyst, ARC Advisory Group.

TCS has been partnering with leading automotive manufacturers, tier I suppliers, and fleet owners in their growth and transformation journeys. Its Neural Automotive framework leverages next-generation technologies to imbue vehicles with high levels of connectedness and inbuilt autonomous capabilities, resulting in the Neural traits of sensing, perceiving, and acting. TCS works with a closely networked set of partners, such as technology providers, start-ups, industry consortia and academic institutes aligned to a common purpose, to create responsive, adaptive, and personalized value chains, with intelligence built on the ‘edge’ of the networks. This enables enterprises to embrace new business models and transform customer experiences and service behaviors to deliver differentiated value.