Teach one, learn all | AAS Vidyalaya invites educated housewives to come and teach

This Women’s Day, AAS Vidyalaya calls upon educated women, Especially housewives to teach right from the comforts of their home and be instrumental in the spread of education, while they also earn without disrupting their family routine. Educated housewives now get a chance to regain their financial independence with flexible timings, while they also serve a great cause of spreading education in the society. AAS Vidyalaya- Anytime Anywhere School is a mobile app that brings an entire school to the children who cannot attend school.

If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation. Standing true to these lines, AAS makes basic secondary education available to those devoid of access to education, especially school dropouts, the underprivileged children and girls who have left schooling due to financial, cultural and societal conditions (or simply lack of educational infrastructure). With this step, AAS intends to create employment opportunities for women, especially housewives, thereby offering them an opportunity to work from home at flexible timings. Women can enroll themselves with AAS Vidyalaya by just downloading the app and registering as a class teacher. The Team will reach out and approve the profile. After that the app will start assigning students automatically. The Class Teacher needs to monitor the progress of the student, ensure doubts resolution through the subject teachers and escalating to Parents if required, all through the app.

AAS Vidyalaya operates exactly like a regular school with a dedicated class-teacher, timetables, subject periods and regular assessments. Students can attend school from anywhere and teachers can work from home, while parents can monitor day-to- day progress of the students. One can attend classes, interact with subject teachers; class teacher, take tests, and monitor their progress with this app.

Imparting education through homemakers will lead to proliferation of education and eventually the development of the country. This initiative will not only promote education but also help a housewife unleash her teaching potential. Digitized learning connects us with the world. One can learn from any teacher from any corner of the planet, so why limit?

AAS Vidyalaya calls educated home-makers to educate the nation & be a part of this digital transformation. The motto is to empower women while empowering the nation with education.