Teachers of the Department of English – experts of the conference “The Future of Petrozavodsk”

Experts evaluate the work of young high school researchers within the framework of the XXVI city conference “The Future of Petrozavodsk” at the correspondence and full-time stages.
Teachers of the English language department of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​Guseva Svetlana Gennadievna, Krasnov Igor Leonidovich, Dmitrieva Valeria Arkadyevna, Zherebtsova Tatyana Vladimirovna were included in the expert commission of the XXVI city conference of young researchers “The Future of Petrozavodsk” (section “Foreign language”). They conducted an expert assessment of the works admitted to participate in the correspondence stage of the conference.

The organizers of the annual conference are the Education Department of the Social Development Committee of the Administration of the Petrozavodsk City District; MAU DPO “Education Development Center” with the participation of educational organizations of the Petrozavodsk city district.

“The future of Petrozavodsk” is carried out with the aim of the intellectual development of students participating in research activities.

The public defense of research papers – the winners of the extramural stage – took place on the Zoom platform. Together with experts from schools in Petrozavodsk, S.G. Guseva and T.V. Zherebtsova. At the stage of defense, the consistency of the presentation of the work, the clarity and substantiation of the presentation, the originality of the presentation and the knowledge of scientific terminology, the design of the presentation, as well as complete and convincing answers to the questions of the jury were assessed.

We congratulate the laureates of the conference and wish the young researchers to continue their scientific work in the chosen directions and try their hand at the conference “The Future of Karelia”.