“Teaching Strategies in Distance Learning for Youth”

PetrSU students and teachers continue to master the methodology of teaching a foreign language in an online format.
At the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​on the basis of the Resource Center of the Goethe-Institut, created within the framework of a bilateral agreement on cooperation with our university, at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in a mixed format, an educational seminar “Learning strategies in distance learning for youth” (“Lernstrategien im Online-Unterricht für Jugendliche “).

The seminar was conducted on the ZOOM platform by the animator of the Goethe-Institute (Moscow) Irina Agranovkaya.

During the educational seminar, which was attended by both teachers of the university and students of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of the 4th year, studying in the direction of training bachelor’s degree “Pedagogical Education. English and German”, the participants of the seminar learned how to create an atmosphere conducive to the perception of educational material on foreign language lessons, and what exercises and communication tasks are suitable for this.

In addition, during the discussion, the participants of the seminar discussed what role the personality of the teacher plays in the process of teaching young people and what methods of motivation are suitable for students with low concentration of attention.

This experience will be very useful for 4th year students who are mastering the methodology of teaching German as a foreign language, since in September 2021. prepare for teaching practice. Since the final workshop of the Goethe-Institut in the academic year 2020-21 was held in a mixed format, the animator and teachers worked on the ZOOM platform, and the student group was in the classroom, future teachers had the opportunity to track how the proposed strategies can be used in different modes: online and offline.


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