Teamwork Fine Arts Society wraps up ‘I Believe Art Matters 2022: Folk Edition’


After the landmark success of I Believe Art Matters 2020 and 2021, a part of the larger #ArtMatters initiative, Teamwork Fine Arts Society celebrated its third instalment of I Believe Art Matters: Folk Edition, showcasing stellar performances and stories that represented and supported Indian folk artistes. This year, the initiative published four remarkable acts, featuring folk artistes from across the country.

While the world is embracing the digital revolution and hopping on every popular trend, folk arts are unfortunately being relegated to the margins. The series aimed to bridge this gap by supporting local artistes who continue to commemorate our roots and nurture its legacy by creating awareness about these art forms.  I Believe Art Matters: Folk Edition reached out to over 3.5 million people, with a viewership of more than one hundred fifty thousand and still counting.

The series involved multiple stakeholders and due to the generous support extended by the Sheela Kanoria Foundation, the initiative was a huge success.

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