Technical University of Denmark: DTU in the top 100 in the world rankings

DTU ranks 99th among 1,300 universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings, one of the oldest and best known university rankings. Since 2014, DTU has moved 35 places up the list, and is now among the top eight per cent universities in the world.

DTU also ranks higher among other European universities this year, having moved up from no. 36 to no. 35. And in the Nordic region, DTU is no. 4 as last year.

“One of our priorities is that the teaching is done by researchers and that students have direct access to them. “
Rasmus Larsen, prorektor DTU
Universities are ranked according to six factors: The university’s reputation in the academic world and among employers, the ratio between researchers and students, the number of citations per researcher, the ratio of international researchers, and the ratio of international students. Compared to 2021, DTU moves up four places in the rankings, scoring especially high on the ‘faculty/student ratio’ and ‘international faculty ratio’ parameters.

“This is in line with our strategic focus on offering Europe’s best engineering degree programmes. One of our priorities is that the teaching is done by researchers and that students have direct access to them. We believe this is crucial for the high level of education we provide, and for DTU’s students to realize their full potential. Our international educational environment also contributes positively to the quality and professional relevance of the programmes,” says Rasmus Larsen, Executive Vice President, Provost.

Also progress on the Leiden Ranking
On the 2021 Leiden Ranking, which ranks the 1,225 largest universities in the world based on their number of Web of Science publications between 2016 and 2019, DTU has moved up 19 places on the metric of scientific impact, and is thus ranked among the top 10 per cent. DTU is number one in Denmark, no. 48 in Europe, and no. 120 in the world.

DTU is also ranked first in Denmark on the metric of commercial and industrial cooperation. In the Nordic region we’ve moved up a place from last year and are now second. In Europe, DTU remains in sixth place, and globally we remain in tenth place.

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