Technical University of Denmark: DTU’s President visiting space scientists

DTU’s President Anders Bjarklev has visited DTU Space to talk to the scientists about the DTU technology right now exploring The Red Planet as part of the Mars rover Perseverance.
When DTU’s President, Anders Bjarklev, saw the moon landing on TV as a child, he knew that he wanted to be an engineer. And the enthusiasm is intact, so of course he also watched the latest NASA rover landing on Mars – with DTU technology on board; a camera on the front of the rover called PIXL, designed and developed at DTU.

But it is not the first time that DTU technology is included in space missions. And in this president’s talk, Anders Bjarklev has passed by DTU Space to talk to some of the people behind the successful technology. What are the challenges of sending technology into space? And how does DTU’s space technology help us to not only know more about space – but also to a great extent know more about how to make life better on Earth?

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