Technical University of Denmark: Study start provided new energy on campus

Early Friday morning, groups of vectors and coordinators of the Bachelor Study Start stood ready in blue t-shirts at the bus stops at both Lyngby and Ballerup campuses. They could welcome 1.395 BSc Eng students and 972 BEng students. And they were happy that they could do that almost without any restrictions.

”It is so redeeming. I was a vector when corona started, and last year, both the new students and the planners were affected by it. So everybody is just happy to be here today,” Jakob Højgaard explained. This year he is a part of the team of coordinators of the Bachelor Study Start. With the rest of DTU’s student association PF, he has been planning most of the study start online.

We need the long perspective
Today’s speakers, President Anders Bjarklev, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs Lars D. Christoffersen, and President of PF Andreas Baltzer Skov, were happy about the renewed energy that the study start gave DTU. In his speech, President Anders Bjarklev pointed out that it is time to look ahead and think in long term.

“Our responsibility is not only to solve crises here and now. We need a longer perspective. It is necessary not only because of the pandemic but especially because we are facing climate change and that we – humanity – need to do something to address these challenges,” he said.

Because of the corona restrictions saying that no more than 500 people can meet together, the speeches were transmitted live from DTU’s libraries in Lyngby and Ballerup. Meanwhile the students were gathered in smaller groups while listening.

“Congratulations. You a part of DTU. You’ve heard that it is exciting. It is. You’ve heard that it is hard. It is … sometimes. You’ve also heard that it is fun and that is something you must participate in. All of you made it through the eye of the needle, so I know that you can do it,” Dean Lars D. Christoffersen said.

Students from near and far
Besides the speeches the day offered a lot of different activities. Among other speed dating, dances and a star race. And among the students were a lot of expectations for the time to come.

“I really look forward to learn more about biotech and life science. And on a social level I look forward to meet a lot of new people who are interested in some of the same things as I am,” Kristina Khobjadam said. She starts as an BSc Eng student at the study programme Life Science and Technology.

Another new student, Hassin Aslem, moved all the way from Pakistan to Copenhagen just a week ago to study General Engineering at DTU.

“All is new. But I really like the university and the study programme too. And I’ve also heard that the Danish teaching style is very different compared to other international universities, so I wanted to experience it for myself. That is why I came to DTU,” he explained.

The many new student with different backgrounds and nationalities had some good advice for the time to come from the President of PF Andreas Baltzer Skov.

“Remember to throw yourself into a challenging project where you challenge yourself academically. Remember to challenge yourself as a person and try to connect with someone that you don’t know. Remember to care and take responsibility for yourself and your education. And last but not least: Remember to take advantage of the possibilities that are right in front of you right now,” he said.

Ahead is waiting fresher’s trips and intro courses. After that most of the new students are going to have their first official day as students in late August.

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