Technical University of Munich: Contaminated groundwater will be pumped out via wells

Last week, a company had been commissioned by the State Construction Office to renew a pumping station that pumps kerosene on demand from an underground tank into a laboratory building located next to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which is also used by the Department of Aerospace and Geodesy. The fuel is needed there in propulsion research. Last Monday, a TUM employee discovered that kerosene was leaking from the system. The company was immediately informed and stopped the leak.

Investigations by a commissioned expert revealed that the kerosene spread in a localized area in the soil. It can be assumed that this area has a maximum extension of 25 to 30 meters. The soil will be monitored in order to advise on the need for treatment if necessary.

No one was injured. TUM is working with all involved parties and relevant authorities to investigate the causes of the incident.

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