Technical University of Munich: High ratings for study conditions

Engineering students have awarded high ratings regarding various aspects of teaching at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). In the latest ratings from the Center for Higher Education (CHE), TUM is listed in the top group in numerous categories.

The CHE rankings, which look at individual subjects at more than 300 universities every three years, are intended to provide guidance for prospective students. The latest edition covers engineering sciences. To compile the rankings, CHE asks students to evaluate various indicators. In around 30 categories, which vary from subject to subject, universities are classified in three groups.

In the latest rankings, TUM placed in the top group dozens of times. Mechanical engineering students at TUM assigned top ratings particularly often, among others under the headings overall study situation and courses offered. This was also the case in the engineering sciences program. In architecture, students awarded high marks for the IT infrastructure and the library, for example, while those studying chemical biotechnology praised the study organization and the laboratories. In electrical and computer engineering, TUM earned top marks in the categories IT infrastructure and research orientation, among others. It also ranks high in aerospace and environmental engineering under the heading graduations in appropriate time. In the category support in the entry phase, TUM actually placed in the top group in every subject.