Technical University of Munich: Learning together at TUM

The Corona pandemic fundamentally changed studying last year: The campus was empty a lot of the time. Most courses took place online. And in order to study in a concentrated manner and prepare for exams, students were often unable to meet with their fellow students. Now, however, a bit of normality is finally returning: The StudiTUM houses are open to students again.

The students’ houses
The StudiTUM houses, which are run by TUM’s Student Council, are genuine spaces for students. Here they can work creatively, exchange ideas and learn individually or in groups. With the newly opened house in Weihenstephan – located in the historical distillery – students now have three StudiTUM houses at their disposal: on the main campus at Gabelsbergerstraße 43, in Garching at Lichtenbergstraße 3 and in Weihenstephan at Weihenstephaner Steig 16.

The house at the main campus has been open again since July 1, and the houses in Garching and Weihenstephan will follow on July 5. For the time being, they are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00.

At present, special hygiene rules and protective measures must be observed when visiting the StudiTUM houses. In order to use the houses, students must also agree to the terms of use and the hygiene concept in the TUMOnline application “StudiTUM”. All the latest information about the StudiTUM houses can also be found there.

Virtual study area
At the same time, TUM’s Student Advising has also created digital facilities to enable students to learn together and to create the study atmosphere that had recently been lost too often. “TUM Study with me” is a virtual study area made available via Zoom. Students can study together there in a concentrated setting or come together in break-out rooms to exchange ideas or study in groups.

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