Technical University of Munich: New ombudspersons for good scientific practices

Prof. Kristina Reiss and Prof. Wolfgang Domcke are the new Technical University of Munich (TUM) ombudspersons for the topic of good scientific practice. As experienced researchers they will provide advice in response to inquiries and when necessary will investigate indications of incorrect scientific conduct.

Reiss, formerly full professor for Mathematics, and Domcke, former full professor for Theoretical Chemistry, are both TUM Emeriti of Excellence. In their new role they will report to the independent and impartial TUM Compliance Office. They were elected to a term of three years by the TUM Senate.

In mutual agreement with the Employee Council, TUM appointed Petra Marzin as additional ombudsperson for the TUM employees working under the tariff agreement of the German States (TV-L). She is also the Managing Director of the TUM Compliance Office and handles conflicts relating to matters of freedom of science and freedom of conscience.

The independent Compliance Office advises the university’s scientists on questions of good scientific practice. In order to protect good practices, TUM has adopted a charter aligned with the recommendations of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The ombudspersons can also be called in for advice on a confidential basis in cases of suspected scientific misconduct. They then conduct an initial investigation and mediate in case of conflicts. Should they determine misconduct which cannotbe corrected, they convene a committee of ombudspersons for further investigation.

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