Technical University of Munich: Offers, dates and suggestions

Dates and Deadlines
The new year will soon be upon us. All information about the semester schedule and holidays, the lecture period, important deadlines and dates as well as holidays and student council meetings can be found here: Dates and Deadlines

TUM team in Las Vegas
In 2022, a TUM team led by Prof. Markus Lienkamp, Chair of Automotive Engineering, will again compete in the “Autonomous Challenge” with an autonomous racing vehicle. As recently as October, a TUM car set the fastest time in the finals at the Indy Autonomous Challenge in Indianapolis with an average speed of 218 kilometres per hour (news: “TUM wins the Indy Autonomous Challenge”). On January 7, 2022 in Las Vegas, the TUM team will once again go head-to-head with other vehicles. More information: Autonomous Challenge

Digital lecture series KLIMADISKURSE
Climate change presents humanity with complex challenges and requires efforts and solutions from all areas of life. In the KLIMADISKURSE lecture series, the five junior research groups of the Bavarian Climate Research Network bayklif (TUM Professors – Bavarian Network for Climate Research) talk to inspiring people and discuss various facets of climate change. Dates in 2022: January 11, February 8, March 8 and April 5, each from 6 pm via Zoom. More information and registration: bayklif KLIMADISKURSE

Research Courses – How to find the literature you are looking for
Successfully finding and obtaining literature – your University Library will support you in this endeavor. Join our webinars to boost your research skills: Start with the basics in Literature Research 1 – Tools for Studying on January 12, 2022 (1:00 – 3:30 pm) and level up your know-how with Literature Research 2 – Search Strategies for Seminar Papers and Theses on January 18, 2022 (10 am – 12:30 pm). Both courses are held in English. Registration and future dates – also in German: Research Courses at the University Library

New Women of TUM Meetup Academia
This reoccurring Stammtisch (virtually) brings together prospective as well as experienced female scientists to exchange ideas, experiences, advice and to network. The kick-off meetup will take place on January 18, 2022 at 7pm via Zoom. Registration and further details: Women of TUM Meetup. Women of TUM website: Women of TUM

#MeToo – What does it have to do with me?
Sexual harassment is widespread. Almost 50% of female students and employees have experienced or observed it. As part of this event, organized by Women of TUM, we will speak about the role of sexism in everyday life, at university, at work and in the private sphere. We will discuss how to prevent sexual harassment, how to address it and how to help victims. January 25, 2022, 7pm via Zoom. Registration and further details here: Women of TUM #MeToo

Online Career Day
We are looking forward to kicking off the new year with our tried and tested Online Career Day on January 27, 2022, where you will have the opportunity to interview with a range of companies and receive feedback on your CV. More info: TUM Online Career Days

Relaxed into the exam phase
Take a deep breath and keep a cool head for the exams: From mid-February, TUM4Mind will be offering TUM students various relaxation workshops such as Yoga Nidra or Autogenic Training. The events will take place via Zoom and will start on February 15, 2022. More information and registration:

MINT impulses at school
TUM on the road with the mobile laboratory at Bavarian schools – Are you a student and enthusiastic about your subject? And you want to pass on this enthusiasm to young girls at school? Then join the team of “TUM Entdeckerinnen: MINT impulses at school”! More info: TUM MINT impulses at school

Don’t shred your work – if not Bansky!
You wrote a ground-breaking (PhD) thesis and fought through study design, writing style and formalities every night? By creatively elaborating on one aspect of your thesis you cannot only increase your science communication skills, but also give your research the attention it deserves. So don’t shred your work, if not Banksy and take part! More information on this TUM Junge Akademie project: Instagram (@creathesis) and CreaThesis

Proactivation online course
Have you caught yourself procrastinating lately, especially now that the exams are coming closer? Don’t miss out on our free Proactivation online course! The course will help you to study more efficiently, improve your time management skills and start living a healthier life. You will get to know hands-on techniques and be part of a study to help future students with their struggle with procrastination. More info and registration: Proactivation online course

TUM web series “Technically Single”
Juli enrols in engineering at the Technical University when her boyfriend breaks up with her. He thinks she is too emancipated. Juli doesn’t take this lying down and wants to win him back so that she can finally drop him. We’ll see who dumps who. The cult TUM web series “Technically Single”, filmed at TUM and created in cooperation with HFF Munich, can be seen at: TUM web series “Technically single”

E-Newspapers at the University Library
Up-to date on a daily basis? Reading German or international newspapers online? Free access to e-paper editions and newspaper archives? Then take advantage of online services offered by the University Library. In addition to numerous academic e-journals, the library subscribes to a number of newspapers, including the New York Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the journalism portal RiffReporter. More info: TUM University Library e-newspapers

Christmas gifts from the TUMshop
Still looking for a suitable Christmas gift? Perhaps you will find what you are looking for in the TUMshop. Here you can find many great and original products in the official TUM design. For example, the new edition of the coveted blue TUM mug is available again. The shop on the main campus is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00. Alternative: Shop online at

The TUM virtual study room
Especially during exam preparation, it helps against procrastination to see that you are not alone. Take advantage of the virtual study room in Zoom offered by TUM and let the collective study atmosphere motivate you. Camera on, microphone off, and nothing stands in the way of a focused learning time. If you need a break, you can meet online for coffee with fellow students in the breakout room. The room is open Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day, except during the Christmas break from December 24, 2021 to January 7, 2022. Access link and info: TUM Study with me