Technical University of Munich: TUM supports research on food authenticity and safety

Society places constantly growing expectations on food quality. Together with changes in dietary habits and globalized material flows, this trend continues to create new assignment areas in official foodstuff inspection. The future will thus see an even closer focus on food safety and authenticity, for example in terms of ecological production methods and geographic origin.

Direct benefit to citizens
TUM President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann observed: “We intend the joint establishment of this professorship with the LGL to bring innovative analytical methods for the more efficient evaluation of food safety and authenticity to official foodstuff inspection practice. The professorship will drive scientific progress and at the same time will directly benefit the citizens of Bavaria.”

LGL president Walter Jonas said: “Modern analytical methods are essential in ensuring a continued high level of food safety. The LGL constantly improves these foodstuff inspection methods in close collaboration with its partners from the scientific sector. The bridge professorship with TUM and the LGL is another step in the close networking of science and practice in foodstuff inspection.”

The TUM School of Life Sciences and the LGL have been collaborating successfully and closely in various fields for years. The candidate to be appointed to this “bridge professorship” will further expand the connection between theory and practice in research and teaching.

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