Technology Platform and AD innovator MOCA to provide customizable solutions for Indian advertisers

New Delhi: Global OEM consolidator & AD innovator and premium partner to many mobile players like Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Infinix, Tecno, Itel, that covers 85% share of the Indian smartphone market; MOCA Technology (MOCA), now announces its customizable solutions for Indian advertisers, that are looking to reach the estimated 760 million (according to smartphone user base in India


Promising to create a portal that will benefit the in-mobile advertisers, app developers, MOCA will provide one-stop mobile application solutions including app uploading, air preinstall, user acquisitions, and brand awareness. Reducing the risk of rejection, control user acquisition and overall cost, MOCA will provide an all-round solution for performance and branding on OEMs.


Speaking on its global offering and plans for India, Vishal Singh, India GM & Global Commercial VP at MOCA Technology, adds, “India today interestingly stands at a point where the smartphone penetration rate has gone up to 42%. This makes the space exciting and continuously challenging for the advertisers too. Therefore, we at MOCA are providing a customized solution to maintain top of mind awareness and recall amongst target audiences. We have worked directly and diligently with more than 1000 brands globally across all categories for years. With the coming of 4G and 5G now, mobile phones have become a data and information center of influence and changing human life.”


“The new smartphone brands emerging due to their ingenious product designing, precise market positioning, online and offline marketing and sales strategy, and the integration capability of global supply chain is making in-app advertising an even more exciting space”, he continues further.


Apart from this MOCA has also partnered with some global top-ranking apps in Asian market such as Tiktok, WeTV, iQiyi, WPS, BeautyPlus, Camera 360, CamScanner, which helps it make many innovative formats & combinations for contextualized promotion. Committed to provide a customized shortcut for advertisers, it helps them stay on top of mind recall of their audiences.


Sharing his experience of working with MOCA, Naman Jhawar, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations, MPL, says “Working with MOCA has been a pleasant journey. We partnered for the past four months, and they have been dedicated to providing innovative marketing solutions on the mobile side to satisfy the requirements of our campaign, which helps us in effectively reaching out to users and engaging with them. We are happy with the reach and optimization done by the team at MOCA.”


According to Statcounter data, the top 6 mobile vendors or OEM’s had over 60% worldwide market share in March 2015. Until June 2021, the market share from top 6 brand was over 80%. The mobile market share is consistently getting more concentrated from these top 6 brands i.e. Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo; towards the top three brands only. Apart from mobile phone manufacturing, all top OEM brands are building their own ecosystem and mobile system for better user experience.


A recent study shows 50-70% smartphone users are using OEM Appstore to download the apps due to faster speed and short process. Users now have more options to select from and the market is emerging with a fair competition for app developers. Due to this, innovation and diversity is on an all-time high!