Teen social app Uable launches campus ambassador program

 Uable, the teen social app today announced its launch of the campus ambassador program. The program aims to bring together all teen communities that exist in schools, colleges, neighbourhoods, and other institutions on Uable. The chosen teen ambassadors (16-18 years old) get a chance to become ‘Zuckerbergs’ in their own right and start their own mini social media network outside of the campus.  These micro-communities within the Uable app can be used to catch up with their friends, and alumni, share content, fight challenges, debates, study together and make memories. Uable aims to onboard over 1000 students in India by December 2022.

The Uable campus ambassadors are strategic thinkers, have outgoing personalities and are well connected within their social circles. The program will enable these young minds to build a community from scratch, and learn the ropes of product building, marketing, and user engagement among others. They will get a chance to build their influence among their peers, and hone their skills in event management,  public speaking, promotion and content creation.  Uable will also connect these ambassadors with mentors from top startups and help them get priority access to internships/ fellowships with these brands in the future.

Uable’s Teen Ambassadors are much more than representatives, they are owners of their school clubs and entrepreneurs in their own right – they will focus on growing a community, building their own team as moderators to this club, engaging the members with relevant content and discussions, and finally keeping the focus on keeping this community healthy and thriving. The ambassadors will build a resilient network in their chosen communities, one that encapsulates the teen experience online as well as offline. And with Uable, the Teen Ambassadors will be able to curate exciting opportunities for teens like Internships, Projects, Mentoring, and many more to further their interests and passions.

On the launch of the program, Saurabh Saxena, Founder & CEO, Uable said “At Uable, we have always believed in giving more power to the teens and building a safe social networking space. Through this program, we aim to identify passionate and influential teens on campuses across the country and provide them with an avenue to hone their skills and be the architects of their own social circles. We want to set teens free from authority and give them space to figure out who they are, and what their interests are. The campus ambassador program is one of the many initiatives that is bringing us one step closer to our mission of showcasing that teens are made for more.”

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