Telangana to soon have more MSMEs dedicated parks: Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Govt of Telangana

Hyderabad: Mr Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce and ICT, Govt of Telangana today said that the state government will extend all support to develop the MSME sector in the state. A 400 acre MSME park has already come up in Dandu Malkapur near Hyderabad, which will be expanded to 2000 acres. We are offering land at a very concessional rate with all infrastructure available like continuous power, water supply.” We want to set up more MSME parks.

Addressing ‘FICCI Dialogue for Actionable Insights – How to make Telangana the Golden State for MSMEs’, Mr Ranjan said, that suggestions given are useful and some of them align with Government’s plans.

“Lot of post COVID realities have changed the dynamics of MSMEs, therefore, what used to work for them 5-6 years ago, needs to be reviewed now added Mr Ranjan.

“Setting up of a think-tank to deliberate on the issues pertaining to the MSME sector will also bring a lot of credibility,” Mr Ranjan said. Let this not be one of thing, lets create a sub group in the Think Tank which would continue working on this good work for MSMEs.

Mr Muralidharan, Chairman FICCI Telangana State Council said that we have a very progressive state government, and this is the best of time for the MSME sector to grow.

Dr Nirmalya Bagchi, Director General (In-charge) ASCI said that MSMEs have a lot of potential. He also said that MSMEs have a lot of creativity and innovation and in order to improve the businesses, MSMEs should also look at improving their products and services.

Mr Om Prakash Mishra, CGM, SBI Hyderabad said that credit is not the only factor, but other factors like labour, technology etc. are important for MSMEs. He further said that more awareness should be created so the number of MSMEs also increase.

Mr Karunendra Jasti, President, FTCCI urged the government to be more supportive, especially for the MSME sector. He added that the industry not only generates revenue but also create job opportunities and government should support the industry during these times.

Mr Murali Krishna Reddy, Co-Chairman FICCI Telangana State Council said COVID crisis has created an unprecedented situation for government, trade bodies, industries. It is something that no single entity can solve and requires a concerted effort by all stakeholders.