Telemed facilities for gynaecology and paediatric cases at Tibbiya College

Aligarh: Free-of-cost, telemedicine and online OPD services have been started by the Department of Amraz-e-Niswan-wa-Atfal, Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College (AKTC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) to consult gynaecology and paediatric cases on all weekdays barring Sundays between 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Prof S Aamena Naaz (Phone: 9412672189, email: will consult the patients on Mondays, Prof Suboohi Mustafa (Phone: 9411413788, email: will be available on Tuesdays, Dr M Anas (Phone: 9897407149, email: will attend the calls of patients on Wednesdays, Dr Diwan Israr Khan (Phone: 8791771353, email: will be available on Thursdays, Dr Fahmeeda Zeenat (Phone: 8149536134, email: is available for consultations on Fridays and Dr Abiha A Khan (Phone: 9620551870, email: will answer calls of patients on Saturdays.

These doctors are available through phone calls, mails, messages and video calls. Patients are advised not to use these facilities in case they do not show signs of serious illnesses. They are also advised not to visit the departments.

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