The Ten-year Edition of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) UnLearn, ReLearn: What it means to be Human November 19-21, 2019

Doha: Speakers announced: Yalda Hakim, BBC, UK; Fred Swaniker, African Leadership Group, Ghana; Beth Yu, Jack Ma Foundation, China; Prof. Richard J. Davidson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US; Rosie Clayton, Cities of Learning – the RSA, UK; Dr Steven MacGregor, Leadership Academy of Barcelona, UK; Rose Luckin, UCL Knowledge Lab – UCL Institute of Education, UK; Andy Cope, Art of Brilliance, UK.

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The upcoming edition of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), will take place November 19 – 21, 2019, in Doha, Qatar.

The theme of WISE 2019 is UnLearn, ReLearn: What it means to be Human.


Join us for inspiration: more than 70 sessions revolving around four themes:

· What makes us uniquely human?

· Can we reimagine education to meet the defining challenges of our time?

· Can we harness the potential of exponential technology?

· What do we need to UnLearn and ReLearn in order to thrive?

2,000 educators, decision-makers, and influential experts from the public and private sectors will unlearn and relearn a range of topics that are influencing the future of teaching and learning, including mindfulness, well-being, the role of exponential technologies and behavioral sciences.

The WISE Summit is an international, multi-sectoral conference dedicated to building the future of education through empowerment and partnership.


Attending WISE will give journalists the opportunity to:

· Attend announcements including unveiling and introduction of the 2019 WISE Prize for Education Laureate. The WISE Prize honors and celebrates an individual or a team of up to six people for outstanding, world-class contribution to education. The Laureate(s) will be presented the WISE Prize gold medal and receive $500,000 (US).

· Be part of an exclusive media event by joining other leading journalists in defining and covering the top stories in education from broad perspectives locally and globally.

· Become part of the “unlearning & relearning edifice” by fully immersing in the Summit through dedicated sessions encouraging them to share their untold stories or by participating in a workshop on education stories & impact journalism.

· Meet and network with global innovators, including representative of the WISE Awards winning projects, the WISE Accelerator enterprises, members of the Learner’s Voice and WISE Emerging Leaders, as well as 2,000 top education thinkers and practitioners, government and NGO representatives, business leaders and social entrepreneurs.