TERI School of Advanced Studies organizes the first International Conference on Business, Economics and Sustainable Development (ICBESD)

New Delhi: Augmenting global voices that give a call for development that will have zero impact on environment which should not be at the cost of sustainable development and need to showcase the best business practices that seize new opportunities with innovations without damaging the environment, the Department of Business and Sustainability at the TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS)organized the “International Conference on Business, Economics and Sustainable Development”.

The Conference was inaugurated by Mr. Pinaki Misra, President National Green tribunal Bar Association and Member of Parliament; Professor Sunita Singh Sengupta, the Head and Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University; Mr. Subhash Chandra Vashist, Director, Swayam; Dr. Rajiv Seth, Pro – Vice Chancellor, TERI SAS, Professor Shri Prakash, Professor TERI SAS and Professor Manipadma Datta, Professor TERI SAS. They discussed the need, challenges, and roadmap to approach long-term viability of business without compromising on profitability, competitiveness, and sustainable development.

Introducing the conference to the audience Dr. Rajiv Seth, Pro-Vice Chancellor TERI SAS informed that an overwhelming 160 papers have been received from across the globe, including Spain, Mexico, Poland, Bangladesh, Nepal, the USA and Canada, which were totally in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) suggested by the United Nations that the conference is delving into. “Sustainable development for businesses requires radical and systemic shifts and innovations that provides firms with a holistic framework to envision and implement sustainable practices which create ecological, economic, and social value. I am happy that deliberations at the conference will enable businesses with new management tools for business transition management providing insights for understanding and advancing sustainable development.”

Mr. Pinaki Misra, the Chief Guest, in his brief but valuable speech Inaugurating the conference Mr. Pinaki Misra, President National Green Tribunal Bar Association and Member of Parliament indicated how we are lacking right intent and effort to change the lot of the posterity. He was largely critical about the short-sightedness of our system and gradual marginalization of NGT in India. He added, “At the National Green Tribunal, our efforts have always been to foster ‘sustainability change’. With an unprecedented new horizon opening up for the future of India, this conference is a timely congregation of experts, researchers, academicians, and corporate world executives for in-depth discussions to identify new sources of opportunities, advancement of new knowledge on sustainable business practices as well as on required institutional changesby exploring strategies that are enabling, enhances environment-friendly growth which ultimately meets the rising challenges that businesses are facing in India today.”

Professor Sunita Singh Sengupta, the Head and Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University emphasized on the need of internal introspection to initiate the process of a sustainable ecosystem.

Prof. Manipadma Dutta, Conference Chair and Professor at TERI SAS in his address said, “We strongly believe that ICBESD 2018 will provide the researcher fraternity to come together and share ideas to further the cause of sustainable development. Our only objective is to provide a platform for those committed to the cause of sustainable development, both from academia and industry, to achieve the goal of making our planet more habitable for the posterity.” He concluded the session by drawing attention to the point of value sharing and fair distribution of value created. ICBESD 2018 will discuss around 160 research papers in two days.