TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS) and Dalmia Cement Host Climate Jamboree – A 3-Day Youth Movement for a Sustainable Future


New Delhi: With a mission to empower the youth to take ownership of creatinga sustainable future for themselves, TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS) and Dalmia Cement today jointly kicked off‘ Climate Jamboree’ – a major youth mobilization engagement at the Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi. The three-day movement started today in the presence of around 10,000 youth, 100 plus experts and 50 plus partners and other relevant stakeholders from India and across the world. The mission of Climate Jamboree is to unveil the power of the youth to make a difference towards achieving a climate neutral lifestyle and showcase sustainability in all its facets to create an empathy with the issue of climate change, further encouraging them to take ownership of the solutions.

The three-day event will connect youth to relevant stakeholders to drive climate action and empower them to achieve sustainable development goals. The aim is to create ‘Youth Voices’ that will lead to commitments, innovative solutions, and create a multiplier effect for low carbon sustainable development, and through focussed deliberations. This will lead to a holistic declaration document feeding into COP 24 to be held in Poland December 2018.

Lauding TERI SAS and Dalmia Cement for organizing Climate Jamboree Sh. Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India said, “Climate Change is a great leveller and will impact everyone in the world. Those who have no capacity to cope with it will be the worst sufferers. Today India is in a situation where like the rest of the world, we are facing its impact too. But unlike rich countries, we do not have the resources to cope with it. The droughts, floods, natural disasters, water scarcity, heat waves and many more impacts that we see are a symptom of a deep malaise called climate change. Today we all, and most importantly youth, need to work towards mitigating and creating awareness about climate change and be change-agents.

Mr.Puneet Dalmia, Managing Director, Dalmia Bharat Group said, “Tackling climate change is the need of the hour. Unfortunately, we all play some role in contributing to this change and it is imperative for us to act on it now. In India, Nature has always been treated as Mother and it is meant to provide and nurture and not to exploit. I strongly believe that our children should be educated about our ancient values that underline the relationship between humans and nature and the importance to maintain a balance between our needs and capacity of Mother Nature to sustain them. I am happy that Dalmia Bharat Group has partnered with TERI School of Advanced Studies for Climate Jamboree, educating the young minds of today as they will be the ambassadors of change for tomorrow.”

“Our corporate vision is to be a leader in building materials and evoke pride in all stakeholders through customer centricity, innovation, sustainability and our values. Aligned to this corporate vision, we have taken strong commitments in our company and supported initiatives related to sustainability, including Climate Jamboree by TERI School of Advanced Studies. We have been ranked No.1 globally by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) for business readiness to a low carbon transition and this has further strengthened our resolve to leave a greener and breathable planet for our future generations. I was a part of the panel of the Movers and Shakers session today and was amazed to see young minds come up with some extraordinary ideas on reducing carbon footprints. I look forward to the Day 2 & 3 of Climate Jamboree and would urge all to come forward and join this movement.” said Mr. Mahendra Singhi, MD and CEO, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd.

“India’s consumption choices, social empathy and work ethic will shape the future sustainability of not just India, but the world! Our youth must see the reflection of sustainability in all their choices, no matter which discipline of study or field they choose. Our vision at TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS) is to start a mission and an engagement process for youth to step forward and liberate ourselves from indifference towards our environment by adopting practices that ensure sustainability for all. Through Climate Jamboree we want to create platform to voice ideas on climate change and sustainability, to engage youth with thought-leaders and change-makers, to contribute to the shaping of the global sustainable development agenda.” said Dr. Leena Srivastava, Vice Chancellor, TERI School of Advanced Studies.

The three-day forum aims to help youth engaged in different streams of education, and aspiring for diverse careers, to recognize both, the common as well as unique opportunities to influence more desirable outcomes towards environment sustainability, aiming to engage and empower youth from India and across the world to build a sustainable future. At the event, individuals from senior secondary school students, to under graduates, post graduates, researchers, young entrepreneurs and professionals between the age group 15 – 25 years will be able to learn, ideate, innovate and collaborate so as to become actors themselves in climate solutions.

Mr. Nikhil Sahni, Group President and Global Head Multinational Corporate Banking, YES Bank was also present at the event.

Highlights of Climate Jamboree 2018

Lead-up events to ensure continued engagement of students with climate and sustainability related activities culminating in the Jamboree.
Technical sessions, special events, roundtable discussions and workshops on various facets of climate change and sustainable development designed to engage and enthuse youth towards climate stewardship.
Creative and performance art forms to create an emotional connect with the issue while at same time engaging a wider community with the cause
Showcase events that would familiarise the audience with successful products and initiatives – and the stories behind these.
Breakaway sessions on a range of topics will range from energy, transport, sustainable cities, food, gender, water, waste and many more.
Breakaway sessions leading to a holistic declaration document feeding into COP 24 to be held in Poland December 2018
Youth voice sessions leading to commitments and a force-multiplier impact on LCSD
Youth Pledge platform to work towards the vision of the future as laid out in the Agenda 2030 document of the United Nations to stand up for the vulnerable, act to save the environment and be responsible in consumption choices.