TERI School of Advanced Studies hosts its twelfth Convocation with Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan

New Delhi: The twelfth annual convocation of TERI School of Advanced Studies was held today at the university’s green campus in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. A total of 19 doctoral degrees and 229 master’s degrees were awarded at the convocation by the chief guest Dr Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan, former Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation and Emeritus Professor, NIAS.

The TERI School of Advanced Studies recognized his contributions to the field of sustainability and education, and conferred the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa, upon Dr Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan.

The ceremony began with a welcome address by Captain Pradeep Kumar Padhy, Registrar of TERI School of Advanced Studies, where he noted, “The academic year closing in May 2019 has been momentous. Based on the inputs received from academia, industry, alumni, and other stakeholders, we have reviewed a few programmes.”

“The University continues relentlessly on path of dedicated hard work and academic excellence. With facilitation and coordination support by the University, faculty are currently engaged in large number of projects. Relevant policies that underpin good scientific research practices are put in place and research ladder has been created for establishing Research Centres in the areas of strategic interests of the University. In order to further augment research environment TERI SAS has obtained the approval of Govt of India/DSIR as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, which is a major milestone for the University in its two-decade old journey”, he added.

Prof Manipadma Datta, Vice-Chancellor, TERI SAS said, “TERI SAS graduates and doctorates are the ambassadors of sustainable development to say the least. Over the years on, the University is playing a suitable role in capacity building to make this planet safer for mankind. It’s the day we all wait for a whole year, the day for our graduating students, the day of aspirations, the day of a new beginning, a day of inspiration and celebration for us all who continually strive for achieving our goal of future leaders for a more sustainable world. It’s also the time to have a relook and march forward.

He ended with a few lines from Langston Hughes, the great African-American poet: Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly!

This was followed by an inspiring address by Dr Shailesh Nayak, Chancellor of TERI SAS, who said, “I am particularly pleased to be at TERI School of Advanced Studies which probably is a unique experiment to create knowledge which ties together environment, inclusiveness and human development. I feel proud of you, dear students, to have chosen the path of sustainability, a less traveled but worth travelling one indeed, particularly at this juncture of time when the ailing earth needs more leaders from the posterity for following a path of sensible growth. I salute you all for choosing a career that crowns you as the ambassadors of sustainable development all along your life”. “You are the modern change agents! As we all know, change is the only static phenomenon on earth! TERI SAS has provided you with consciousness and this consciousness will bring in changes, both within and outside”, he added.

He concluded with a quote from the celebrated Ugandan author, Agona Apell’s The Success of Genome Unraveled: Turning Men from Rot to Rock Global warming will not end by Earth finding a shade under the trees but under hands joined together.

Addressing the gathering of graduating students, chief guest Dr Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan said, “My best wishes go with you for your success and for achieving what you have been aspiring and dreaming. To have had the opportunity to study at this institution of higher learning is a matter of privilege to each one of you. May the value system that this institution has instilled in you inspire you to set high standards in all your future endeavors.” Further, he noted, “I would like to remind my young friends about the contemporariness and crucial nature of the subjects and themes in which this institute undertakes academic and research programs. It is obvious that the subject matter that this institute deals with can have substantial inputs, that today space based earth observation satellite systems are capable of generating. In the last 50 years, the Indian space program under Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), has established a constellation of earth observation and communication satellite systems. These satellites are capable of providing timely, precise and accurate information on earth resources, both renewable and non-renewable, besides data of relevance to weather and climatological systems. In a sense, we can proudly claim about our capabilities in these areas as one of most versatile and sophisticated in nature anywhere in the world. In providing a brief account of what our Earth observation systems render as application services and which have connectivity with many of the themes that are adopted for academic pursuits in this institution, I am only reiterating the importance of consolidating the linkages between the strength of India’s space endeavours in the creation of data and information, modelling and simulation and such other outcomes to the broader aspects of economics, policies and the legal framework that TERI SAS pursues. In other words, the crucial step of transformation-data/information to decision support”.

In his concluding remarks, Dr Kasturirangan emphasized on the importance of liberal education. “Liberal education as a foundational component in higher education, is being increasingly recognised as a crucial 21st century educational component, to prepare the future youth, to successfully face the dynamic and complex job environment. How exactly institutions like TERI SAS can bring concepts of liberal education into the present mainstream educational system is worth giving a thought at this juncture”, he said.